Friday, 19 January 2018


This is something I never thought I'd talk about on my blog. Let alone experience myself.

Being 21 years old and never going on a date or having a boyfriend is kind of sad. I suppose I kind of thought I'd bump into Mr Right unexpectedly while I was out or I'd meet a guy on a night out and we'd instantly hit it off. Trust me I've pictured all the possibilities of how I will meet a man. One thing though that I always struggled with was online dating. I tried going on Tinder once upon a time but I just kind of got intimidated and kept swiping no to every single one because I had very low confidence and also the thought of texting a stranger just made me feel a little shy. All negative thoughts came to mind. "What if he doesn't like the way I look?" "What if we meet up and he thinks I'm ugly?" "What would we even talk about?" You know just the general fears that I assume most people get or is it just me. Who knows?

So long story short, one drunken night at home my friend signed me up to a dating app and created my profile then started talking to guys. Doing the bit I'm most afraid of. Initiating conversation. Although most of the guys started messaging me first and throwing out compliments. Which I'm not going to lie. As a woman who doesn't receive compliments from the opposite sex that often, this was just what I needed and felt so good. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you look gorgeous. Even though you've never met this person. Finally I eventually took the wheel and continued on with the conversations. Let's just say by the next morning I had several snapchats and numbers off some guys. It's quite an experience especially as I've never done it before. Although I've always wanted to know what it feels like getting messages from guys. I know it makes me sad but I suppose it's better late than never.

So yeah, I'm officially on the dating game and yes I do believe this could be the year for me. Maybe I'll find love? Who the heck knows but I'm just going to live in the moment.

Also, another thing which happened was I actually went on my first ever date with one of the guys that I had been talking to for a month and it went really well to the point where he actually stayed at my place after the date so yeah. I surprised myself actually but honestly it felt good to go on a date with a guy and everything just going really well. I've seen him twice since then so who knows what will happen.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about online dating now. Let me know if you have any tips or experiences from online dating n the comments below. I would love to hear them.

I'll be back again with another blog post soon. See you then.

Megan x