Friday, 8 December 2017

Productive Day Secrets

Do you ever just have those days where you're struggling to find any motivation to do work and you have all these responsibitilies you need to get done but all you wanna do is relax, take a nap and watch some Netflix.

Well, this can be a problem but I am here to help you so that you can say you have had a productive day and feel like you've actually achieved something. Although I understand that sometimes it's a lack of motivation that's putting you off but hopefully these tips can get you out of that funk.

1. Wake Up Early

Sometimes I find a productive day starts when I've woken up early. I'm talking waking up at a reasonable time like 8am or anything before 9am. Just the fact that you've woken up and ready to start the day means you're already on your way to having a productive day. Waking up early also means you have more hours in the day so if you get all the things you need to do done in the day then you have the rest of the day to chill out.

2. Start Cleaning

You may be struggling from lack of motivation to do your work so my advice for you would be to not think about working and think about cleaning. Does your dishes need washing? Is your bedroom messy? Does your house need a bit of tidying up? If so then start cleaning. Even if it's not your mess just do it. I can gurantee if you spend a good hour just cleaning and tidying up then you'll find that motivation to do more productive things like doing your assignments. Also if you think about it you've just done something productive by keeping your house and surroundings clean so either way you've been productive.

3. Work out of the house

Are you struggling to do work because you keep getting distracted in your home? I know it seems easier to work in your bedroom but honestly it works for a while but then you'll probably get distracted by things. If I was you I would pack a bag with all the things you need then get out and go to the library. I like working in the library because it's quiet and there's plenty of room for you to work, but also you're surrounded by books so if you need a reference you don/'t have to go far to find one.

4. Time to talk

Now if you're really struggling with finding motivation, working on the assingmnets or just unsure what it is you need to do then you need to talk to someone. Start with your friends and family. Get their advice then go to the lecturer or see if there's any sessions going on which deal with what you're going through. Just ask for help if you need it. I know sometimes you may feel alone or don't want to bother people with your problems and feel stupid when you do ask. You won't. I promise you that there are people who care about you and want you to do well with your work. They don't want to see you struggling or stressing out about the work. They want you to do well. Now they can't help you unless you actually talk to them because at the end of day they are not mind readers. If you are stuggling with your work or are completely stressed out then talk to someone. They will be able to help you and give you advice on what to do next so don't worry.

5. Make a plan

I don't know about you but I like to plan out my week. This way it makes it easier to plan out my days and focus on each of the assingmnets that you have to do. It just makes life a little bit stress free when you have a weekly plan in place. Trust me. for me to do lists are always a big help too because I just love having a list of the things I have to do and then crossing off each of those things. It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing I've done the work and been productive.

6. Reward Yourself

Honestly, treat yourself every know and then. Give yourself a break if you've done two hours of work. Give yourself a reward after a day of doing work by watching your favourite movie or TV Show or go out with your friends or just go shopping. Sometimes knowing you're getting a little treat after doing your work is like the perfect motivation because afterwards when you're relaxing you can feel like you've earned some me-time as you've done a lot of work.

Anyway, that's all my productive day secrets. Let me know if you have any productive day secrets that really help to get your work done.

I'll be back again next Friday with another blog post for you all.

See you then.

Megan x