Thursday, 2 November 2017

50 Facts About Me

As I have been getting a lot more views on my posts recently and I have a feeling some of them are new readers who barely know me I thought I'd do a getting to know me post and do 50 facts about me. I did once do a 15 facts about me post back in 2015 but I'm not going to include those however if you want to know more you can read those extra facts here. Anyway we have a lot to get through so lets do this.

1. I don't have any tattoos. I have thought about it but the thought of something being so permanent on my body terrifies me. I feel like if I ever got a tattoo that I'll regret it. We'll see though.

2. I've never been in a long term relationship with a guy. Just never found the right one and guys have never really been interested in me. I'm used to it and I'm happy being single so don't throw me a pity party.

3. I can get socially awkward sometimes. I'm just kind of a socially awkward person. I struggle to make conversation so sometimes I let other people do the talking and just listen in on the conversation. It takes a lot for me to say something. Although sometimes with me the conversation just flows out of my mouth and it's all good. I guess it just depends if I'm comfortable with the people I'm with or if I'm not feeling like talking or being socialable that day. It's very awkward sometimes.

4. I have shoulder dimples. I have two dimples on each side on the back of my shoulders. It's always funny when I see them. I don't actually know how and why I have them. I was just born with it.

5. I'd rather have a cosy night in than a night out. Just because I can just be all cosy and snug in comfy clothes with easy access to food, movies and just being in the comfort of my own home. However, if a night out occured I would not say no.

6. I do not have my ears pierced. I did once upon a time but once the earring butterflies (the back of the earring) was too small and both of them actually got stuck inside my ear lobe. I had to go to hospital and a doctor had to get them out. I had no anesthetic for it so it was a very painful experience. The right ear was worse than the left ear and I know that because I still have a hole in my left ear but not in the right one. I have not repierced my ears or put any earrings in since. I tend to use clip on earrings if I want earrings. I'm not really bothered about it though to be honest.

7. I also have no other piercings on my body and I'm not interested in any other piercings.

8. I love coffee to the point where it has no affect on me. Coffee is life.

9. My favourite Starbucks drink is a Caramel Macciato. I just love it and order it every single time I'm in Starbucks unless the christmas drinks are out or I'm in the mood for their hot chocolate.

10. My favourite chocolate is M&M Peanuts or Cadburies Dairy Milk. Just the plain simple one because it's just so good and I love it.

11.I can be indecisive at times especially when it comes to Uni work. I sometimes just want to do loads of different things and can't focus on what particular thing or I just struggle to make quick decisions sometimes.

12. My most used phrase of all time is "I don't know" because most of the time, I just do not know.

13. I've only ever broken one bone in my body in my life and that was my left humerus bone. Here's a life tip for you. Don't walk backwards with a toddler in your hands at 8am in the morning because you may fall and hit your arm on a child safety gate and break a humerus bone. The toddler was okay but my arm was not. That's probably the worst morning I've ever had. I had only been awake for fifteen minutes then I go and break my arm.

14. I enjoy my own company. Sometimes I just like to be alone. It has nothing to do with other people. I just need my own space to process things in my head or just to relax or to just be away from people. I just enjoy some alone time sometimes.

15. My clothing choices are black, navy, blue or grey. I just prefer the dark colours and they're more slimming. Although I wouldn't say no to a bit of colour.

16. I have a love of reading and my favourite book is Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins or Harry Potter by JK Rowling. I also love books by Sophie Kinsella. I just love Harry Potter or contemporary chick lit romance books.

17. Lately I've been getting into an obsession with Harry Potter stuff, If it involves Harry Potter I want it. Primark is guilty of this. They have so much Harry Potter related stuff and I want it all. I love it so much. It makes me happy. I have two copies of the seven books and all the audiobooks read by Steven Fry. I'm currently listening to the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter just makes me so happy.

18. My favourite song is Who I'd Be from Shrek the Musical. Just the whole album puts a smile on my face and the musical actually. If you've never seen Shrek the Musical then I'd highly recommend it. I watched it on the plane on the way back from New York and it just made me so happy. I was actually laughing in my seat that people kept giving me weird looks but I didn't care becuase I was having a great time watching it in my seat. I've since bought the DVD and watched it many times.

19. I've never worn false eye lashes before and I don't plan on it because I was blessed with long eyelashes that mascara just does the trick.

20. I fail at applying winged eyeliner and it just makes me so sad but I just get so frustrated when I make a mistake or it doesn't look the same on both sides. Sad times.

21. My favourite make up brands is Makeup Revolution as I love their palettes and Collection because I love their face products.

22. I don't smoke. I once did attempt it by taking a drag of a cigarette which resulted in a coughing fit and it was gross. Plus it stinks and I just don't see the appeal of it so I'm not planning on ever smoking.

23. I love playing the PS1 versions of Harry Potter. There's only two but I get a sense of nostalgia when I play those games and I still find them enjoyable to play even though I've played them many times over and over game. I also have some Harry Potter video games on ps2 as well which I still play because I just love playing old school Harry Potter video games. Harry Potter is just life.

24. My favourite musicals at the moment are Cats, Shrek the Musical.and Rocky Horror.

25. My favourite band of all time is McFly. I've just always loved their music and will always listen to them. I literally haven't advanced my musical taste to other bands but I will listen to other bands and artists. I just will always have a love for McFly.

26. I absolutely love sleeping. Sleeping is the best. Who doesn't love sleeping?

27. I am scared of Spiders and Bats. They absolutely terrify me. Also not a huge fan of heights either.

28. Dan and Phil are my favourite YouTubers. I absolutely love them.

29. I have a very large reading list of books I want to read. I just sometimes get into a reading slump and can't be bother to read but other times I'll struggle to stop reading. It's a hard life sometimes when there's so many good books out there and it makes me sad that I probably won't be able to read all the books in the world. (That's actually impossible.)

30. BBQ sauce is literally my favourite. If a food was covered in BBQ sauce then you can gurantee that I'll probably eat it. BBQ Ribs is my favourite food. I just wish there was more meat to eat off the bone but oh well.

31. I've not completed the Hunger Games books. I read the first one then I ended up watching the first movie on Netflix. Then the second one came out and then the final two part movies came out. I enjoyed the movies but I just never got interested in reading the books after seeing the movies. The three books are currently just sitting on my bookshelf. Two of them unread and one read. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll read them.

32. When I'm home alone, I enjoy belting out songs and thinking I have a good voice. I've been told though by those who have walked in on these moments that I don't have a great singing voice which breaks my heart because I love singing. However, this is the reason I don't sing in public.

33. I don't text or phone anyone first. The only person I do text and ring first is my mum. That's probably the only use I have for my phone apart from social media, Spotify and playing games. I just struggle to text or phone people first because I'm afraid I'm bothering them so yeah. (I told you I'm socially awkward and this is living proof)

34. I am a massive overthinker and worrier. I overthink and worry about a lot of things in my head and to myself. It just happens. Sometimes it can be over the little things but still it happens. It's frustrating and annoying but I can't help it sometimes. I just overthink and worry (mostly at night).

35. I am a big procrastinator. I wish I wasn't. I try to get myself organised and make to do lists or schedule stuff but then the next day I'm just like. Nope or I'll do it later then I never do. I'm trying to get better but it's a struggle.

36. I wish social media wasn't such a big deal. I wish it didn't exist. It was all good like 11 years ago when social media wasn't such a big deal. Now it is and it's hard sometimes to disconnect from it. A part of me just wishes I could deactivate all my accounts and not waste my time scrolling through social media but it's hard when you just can't help but be nosy at what other people are doing with their lives.

37. I have a very vivid imagination. I have an alternative world inside my head (I've googled many times if this is crazy and apparently it's not) I just kind of escape into this other world sometimes. I'm not going to talk about it because it's my world but yeah. I just have an alternative world in my head which I escape to sometimes. (I know it sounds crazy but it doesn't effect my reality in any way. I just day dream a lot.)

38. I hate shopping with other people. I don't have anything against other people or my friends or family but I just kind of prefer to shop alone because I feel I can take my time and just go at a steady pace. Although I have had some good memories shopping with friends.

39. I hate wearing high heels. If I could wear flats to a night club I would. As much as heels look pretty I know that after a couple of hours or even an hour they will be the most painful thing to wear. That's why I mostly just stick to flats unless it's a night out where a heel goes with my outfit or if it's a special occasion.

40. I prefer Autumn and Winter to Spring and Summer. I just like wearing jumpers and hoodies plus the excuse to stay inside is more acceptable in Autumn and Winter.

41. I have been to the cinema alone four times now and honestly it's not such a bad thing. It's actually fun by yourself although I don't mind going to the cinema with friends or family.

42. I'm in my final year of university and I'm already dreading the end.

43. I still don't have a clue what I want to do after university.

44. When I was a teenager I wanted to be an actress and nearly chose drama for a GCSE but my shyness got the better of me. I do have some regrets over that decision.

45. I do not like confrontation. I tend to avoid confrontation and it's kind of a problem because I wish I spoke out more if something was really bothering me but I just don't like confrontation with other people.

46. I've learned a lot over these past eleven years about love, friends, family and life.

47. Apparently I'm a snorer. I've been told by many people I snore and also I'm a heavy breather sometimes to the point that people tell me I'm breathing too loud. That is because I struggle to breath through my nose (I don't know why) so I end up breathing through my mouth because I feel comfortable doing that rather. So yeah. That's a thing.

48. I have a lot of regrets. Too many to count. I just try to not think about them too much.

49. I'm currently writing this at twenty past ten at night in my pyjamas.

50. I have been blogging for over three years now and that is just crazy how much it's flown by and the fact that I've nearly made 300 posts on my blog. I'm just so proud of myself for how much time and effort I've put into my blog. I'm glad I can continue to blog here and just share my thoughts and feelings on life as well as create content which I want to post.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed learning fifty facts about me. A lot of these are probably facts that I haven't really told many people but now you know.

I'll be back again tomorrow with another post.

See you then.

Megan x