Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Bookshelf Thoughts

The other day I was looking up at my bookshelf because from where I sit in the bed, my eyes just wonder up to the right corner and there they are. My books. I have noticed I do this a lot when I'm sitting or laying in my bed. My eyes will just wonder up to the right corner of my room and I just look at my books.

I get a sense of happiness when I look at my books because reading makes me happy and I'm slowly building my collection of books and it feels great. I actually scrolled through my Instagram the other day and noticed that I had a few photos of my bookshelf and I noticed that each time the shelf was different. It had grown because I had gotten more books over time and that just makes me happy. It's actually the only part of my uni room that I keep updating and improving over time. Of course I've changed other parts of my room but this is the one that's probably changed the most.

It's crazy how these inanimate objects. These books can make me so happy. Probably because I know in each of those books is a story to be read. Most of these books I have read but some I still haven't got around to reading. Mostly because life's been getting in the way and I just haven't gotten around to reading. Which sucks because when I do get back into reading I absolutely love it.

Here's actually a timeline of how this particular bookshelf has changed.

September 2016 - When I dedicated this shelf in my uni bedroom to my books.

November 2016 - As you can see over two months I've gained a few more books in just two months.

March 2017 - Just a few more books had been added but still there's a slight difference.

October 2017 - My current bookshelf which is definetely a massive difference compared to last year. Harry Potter has taken up the most room but I've just gained more books which I am planning on reading at some point in third year. It just makes me happy seeing all my books here and I can't wait to start reading again.

Anyway, that's it from me today. I just kind of made an observation about my bookshelf in my uni bedroom and I thought I'd make a post about it. I makes me sad that I only have 8 months left of this bedroom and this bookshelf in particular. To most people this is just a shelf of books but to me it's a shelf of happiness and dedication. I'm proud of this shelf.

My question for you all is if you have a part of your room that just makes you so happy. Is there a part of your room that you always seem to look at. Maybe because it's within your line of sight when you're on your bed which you spend the majority of your time on. Maybe it's a part of your own house that just makes you so happy. Let me know in the comments below.

I'll see you again soon.

Megan x