Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Goals For My Final Year

As you may know, this year I am in my third and final year of university and I thought I'd might set myself a few goals for me to achieve so when it comes to finishing my third year I can recap my year and whether or not I've achieved these goals over the year.

1. Get a part time job
Now this might seem really random to you all but honestly I really want to get a part time job. Over the past two years of being at university I did not get myself a part time job and I feel like that's held me back. The reason I didn't get a part time job is my student loan pretty much covered all my finances and I didn't feel like I needed the extra money. In reality though a part time job is kind of useful as you gives you experience of work as well as earning extra money. I plan to put the money I earn and put it in my savings account which will then go towards my future for life after university. I figured you need money to be able to do what you want to do for life after university.

2. Complete my dissertation a month before the deadline
Now, I know completing my dissertation is a pretty obvious one to do so that's why I've chosen to do it a month before the deadline. If you think about it there's going to be so many people just like you doing dissertations and many of them will need to use printers to print their work off and have to get their worked binded very close to the deadline so you don't want to be mixed up in all that. I would recommend you go and finish your dissertation a month before the deadline that way you have a month to get your work printed and binded up so you're not stressing and in the midst of the other students printing their dissertations.

3. Join an extra-curricular activity
I feel like I need to meet more people to gain my confidence up and work on my people skills so I'm going to join an extra-curricular activity. Whether it's part of the university or not. I'm going to take up the courage to join something this year.

4. Manage my time wisely
In all honestly, I've never been very good at managing my time wisely. I've always procrastinated doing my work and not given myself enough time to do it. This year though I plan to manage my time wisely and put my work first this time. As it is the final year and I actually want to get a good mark on my degree. However, I will manage my time to give myself some break time as well just so I'm not stressing myself out and overworking.

5. Get my degree
I figured this is something I definetly should have on my goals list because that's the point of university. Getting the degree at the end. I do want my degree and I do plan on getting it by the end of this year. That means working hard and doing the best I can possibly do in my assignments. I should definetely remember to ask for help in my assignments if I really need it and don't procrastinate my assignments. If I do that I'll know when I've finished my third year, all that hard work which I have achieved will pay off when I get my degree.

Anyway, that's all my goals for my third year of university. Let me know what your goals are for the year whether your in university, college or school and see if you achieve them by the end of the year.
Good luck and rememeber to have some fun in the year as well.

I'll be back again tomorrow with another post about university.

See you then.

Megan x