Monday, 18 September 2017


Ah Autumn! (Or as some people call it Fall)

I just love this time of the year. As much as I love the summer break and the warm weather. I personally prefer the Autumn/Winter time of the year.

I suppose I like September because it's like the start of the academic year. It's like a new beginning and I guess I kind of like being distracted by university as I'm doing productive things rather than just barely doing anything. Although I've just realised that this will techinally be my last academic year as it is my final year of university. That actually feels so weird to me. I've been in education since I was about four and I have not had a break from it. When I finished sixth form two years ago, I went straight from their to university. I didn't take a gap year before uni so it's kind of weird that this is actually my last academic year. I suppose it might not be because I might decide to do a Master Degree later on but for now this is it. My final year of education. (Unless I somehow screw it all up and have to redo the year. Hopefully not.)

However, the start of the academic year is not the only reason why I like Autumn. It's the weather and clothing side of things to do. I'm not going to lie. I absolutely love wearing jumpers, hoodies, coats and basically wrapping up warm. It's less pressure in the Autumn about what you can and can't wear. Your fashion choices are narrowed down and it's so much easier to decide what to wear. It's also just really cosy and comfy which is what I love about them. It's also not too hot but not too cold either. The temperature is just the right amount and even if it does get cold, you can just put on a jumper.

Another thing which I love about Autumn is the fact that it's my birthday in October. It's like when September 1st begins I know my birthday is in 34 days (October 4th) which makes me super excited. I know it's the time where you get older but honestly your birthday is what you make it and personally I love to make my britdhay special whether it's doing things with your friends or family or doing stuff by yourself then I don't mind as long as I'm completely happy that day then I'll be fine. Also, I hate to admit this too but I kind of like opening cards and presents from people. Just the mystery of what's in the card or unde the wrapping paper and seeing if people actually know you that well is fun. I also tend to get myself a gift. Lucky for me my student loan arrives a couple of days before my birthday so I can actually afford to get myself something nice. I know it may be sad buying yourself a present but honestly why not buy yourself a present. The fact is that you know you'll definitely love it because you personally chose it for yourself.

A lot of people who think of Autumn think of Halloween. Personally I'm not so big on Halloween. I'm not the biggest of fans of horror movies and I'm kind of too old to go around houses and go trick or treating. Plus I don't get invited to Halloween parties and so I don't tend to dress up on Halloween. However, Halloween does play a part in why I love Autumn as it's the beginning of the build up to Christmas in a way. Although in the UK there is bonfire night which is also something I love about Autumn as it's fun to go out and watch firework displays but it's like when you see the final firework for me that's it. It's time for the build up of Christmas. I know in America you have thanksgiving but in the UK we don't really celebrate it or go all out for it. Well, I never really have so I kind of have the whole of November to start getting excited about Christmas. I actually start listening to Christmas songs in November just to get me excited for it.

Anyway, I know this was kind of a short list of why I love Autumn but at the same time I made my points so it's all good. Let me know what your favourite time of the year is and why in the comments below and I'll be back again soon with another post.

See you then.

Megan x