Friday, 7 April 2017

Superdrug Unboxing

The other day I made an order online on Superdrug and the things I've bought I've never purchased before but I was really looking forward to trying them out. Now when my ordered arrived I thought I'd make an unboxing post and tell you my first impressions of all the things I bought.

Now I was really excited when my doorbell rang and it was the postman holding my box. I just couldn't wait to open it.

The first thing that I picked out was a free sample of Sanex body lotion which was nice to have so I could try it out.

The next thing I pulled out of the box was all the things I ordered wrapped up in bubble-wrap.

I unwrapped the bubble-wrap to reveal all three products I ordered which I am so happy about.

The first thing I bought was a new concealer which is the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Liquid Concealer in the shade 001 Light. I like using the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Foundation so I thought I'd try out the concealer to see if it's just as good as the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Next is the things which I am really excited about because I've always wanted these palettes. The first palette is the Makeup Revolution London Flawless Ultra Eye shadows. I am really excited  to try out this palette. It has 32 eye shadow colors which I really like. They are a mixture of matte and shimmery colors like nudes, copper, golden and smokey which are really pretty. They would perfect to use for everyday and night makeup. I also love the way the packaging looks. It looks really high quality and professional. The mirror in the palette is also really useful for travelling because you can just take this palette and have access to a variety of colors as well as a good size mirror to apply your eyeshadow. I cannot wait to try this palette out.

The final palette I bought is one that I'm even more excited about. Mostly because of the packaging but it just looks amazing. It is the I Heart Chocolate palette. Now obviously the packaging looks amazing because it's designed like a bar of chocolate so it's really nice to look at. Also when you open it and smell it, it does actually smell like chocolate which is even more amazing. There are sixteen colors in the palette which are also shimmery and matte. I really like that it's mostly a nude colors so it's handy for everyday but the shimmery colors could be great for a special occasion or a night out. It also comes with a mirror and a double ended eyeshadow sponge brush so it is perfect for travelling with. Even if you don't like the double ended sponge brush it comes with then there's space to put your eyeshadow brush in which is super handy. I can't wait to try out this palette for everyday use as well as night life use. It's so pretty.

That is all I ordered from Superdrug. I am really happy with all three products and I cannot wait to try them all out. I hope you enjoyed my Superdrug unboxing post and I'll be back again soon with another post soon.

See you then

Megan x