Saturday, 1 April 2017

Second Year

I have basically finished with my second year at university. I've completed all my assignments, done my exam and I have no more lectures. It's crazy how quickly that has gone by.

The reason why I've finished my second year of uni so early is because after Easter we have to do five weeks of work placement or in my case experiential learning which basically work placement but set in my university. It's just five weeks of doing work from nine to five everyday (except for weekends I think). It's like gaining experience for life after university which is relevant to the degree you're studying.

Even though that is happening after Easter, I have no assignments or deadlines or exams to do. I do have to wait for the results of my assignments to see if I've passed or fail but I am pretty much finished.

It's crazy how quickly university goes. One minute you're a carefree first year having the time of your life in uni. Next is when you're in second year when the realization that your next year is third year then you'll soon be graduating and leaving uni. It just flies by. I still can't believe I've basically finished my second year of uni.

Just make every moment of university count because it does not last. Just make loads of memories and do the best you can in all your assignments because soon you'll have to be a mature adult who earns money, pays bills and work in a job for the rest of your life. Enjoy being young and carefree in your twenties because nothing lasts forever.

I'm currently at home for the whole of April for my Easter break so I should have more time to blog and make more posts so you should be seeing more of me this April.

I'll be back again soon with another post

See you then!

Megan x