Friday, 10 February 2017

How I Wind Down and De Stress

Create distractions for myself so my mind is focused on something else.

Tidying my room/house

I don't know about you but tidying my house or even my bedroom is just a big distraction for me. My mind is just so focused on tidying that anything else on my mind just fades away for a bit. I also love the end result when your bedroom or even the house is just tidy because it looks and smells so nice. I also love trying new ways to organise my things and I always end up watching YouTube videos for organisation tips because I find them to be really helpful sometimes. There's just something satisfying about an organised space or room.

Making my room cosy

This is one of the ways which is kind of an essential for my winding down time and that is to make my bedroom cosy by turning on my fairy lights and lighting a few candles. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and honestly my bedroom is like my happy place because it's all mine and I'm surrounded by all the things I love. It also feels nice to sit on my bed and look around my room because I just feel so relaxed and calm in my bedroom.

Turning my phone off and getting off social media

This might me difficult but honestly it really does help. Nowadays everyone is always on their phone and checking up on their social media. It is so time wasting because you could literally spend an hour scrolling through all your social media and then an hour has passed. It also can cause stress because you might see something which could make you stressed for example a picture of your friends doing something that day which you weren't a part of. That can lead you to overthinking and getting stressed out over nothing because there's nothing you can really do about it. It might just be the timing or the place which is the reason but either way it's nothing you should get stressed about. To avoid these emotions just get off social media and turn your phone off for the evening because really you don't need it.

Pamper session

Sometimes it's nice to just have a little pamper session to take care of your body and skin. I start by having a shower or if I was at home I would go and have a bath. Next I would do a face mask if I can be bothered or moisturise my face. Either way just doing the little things to take care of your skin is de-stressing and honestly there is nothing more relaxing than taking off your make up from the day and letting your face breathe.

Playing video games

This might seem a bit random but lately I have found playing a video game is so relaxing. My mind is just focused on what's going on in the video game that I don't have time to think about anything else. It also makes me smile when I progress within the game. Even though many say playing video games is bad, it's not really depending on how much time you play on them but they can be a great distraction. Don't ask why but sometimes I have my laptop next to me with YouTube on and a listen to the walkthrough of the game with commentary. Even if it's a game like Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on PS1 which I have played multiple times and know all the secrets to it, I still like to listen to the walkthrough and just have the commentary in the background because it is entertaining to listen to them and also it kind of makes the game more enjoyable.

Watching a movie

Sometimes it's just nice to be in your cosy room and watching a movie because it allows you to focus on the movie and enjoy it. Especially if it is a movie you love because you know you'll enjoy it so you focus on it more rather than anything else.

Reading a book

This may come as no surprise to some of you but I love to just lay in bed just before I go to sleep and read a book. My mind is just lost in the world of the book and it just makes me so happy. When I'm reading, I think of nothing else and that is the best way for me to de stress is to just read a book.

That's all of the ways in which I wind down and de stress. I hope they were helpful to some of you and let me know if you have any ways which you like to wind down and de stress.

I'll be back again soon with another post.

See you then.

Megan x