Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Beauty Haul

Today I went shopping in town today and I went to Boots, Superdrug and Savers which if you are not familiar with these places then they are just drugstore places which sell make up, healthcare and beauty things. I bought quite a few things which I thought I would share with you today.

I actually made a list last night of all the things I wanted to get because I had a few vouchers and Christmas money to spend so I thought why not buy some new make up products as well as other beauty things.

The first place I went to was Boots and I went to the No 7 Counter because a few weeks ago I had Boots No 7 Makeover as Boots offers a free makeover with No 7 products which me and my friends tried before we went on a night out and it was actually really good. They tested my skin tone to match their foundation and the colour I turned out to be was Cool Vanilla so that was nice to know.

When I was in Boots I decided to pick up a foundation from the No 7 range and I picked the Beautifully Matte Foundation which is in the shade Cool Vanilla. I've heard some good things about this foundation so I thought I'd try it out plus it matches my skin tone so that's a plus.

The next thing I bought was a concealer which was in the same shade as the foundation because Boots was doing a 3 for 2 deal on No 7 products so I decided to buy three No 7 Products. The concealer I bought was the No 7 Match Made Concealer.

The final No 7 I bought was a lipstick. The lipstick I chose was the No 7 Match Made Moisture Drench Lipstick in the shade Tawny Rose which is like a dark nude plum shade as I prefer a natural shade lipstick rather than a bold shade.

After going to Boots I decided to go to Superdrug as I wanted some more beauty products and they were more affordable in Superdrug than in Boots.

The first thing I bought was the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray because I wanted a fixing spray so that after I put on Make Up I can put this on and my make up will stay on for the whole day/night. Plus I've heard positive reviews about this so that's why it made me buy it.

The next thing I bought was from Make Up Revolution and it is the Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit because I wanted to try doing my eyebrows so I thought I'd get an eyebrow shaping kit. I got this in the shade Light Medium because I have light shaded eyebrows.

The third thing I bought was Zoella Le Fizz as when I'm at home I like to have a bath because I don't have a bath at university and I feel this bath fizzer adds a bit extra to the bath. Plus I do enjoy using Zoella's bath fizzers.

The final thing I bought in Superdrug was a blending sponge because I've heard a lot of people use these blending sponges and they work really well when applying foundation so I thought I'd get one for myself.

The final place I went to was Savers and the first thing I got was the Simple Foaming Cleanser because I wanted to get a cleanser for my face as I wanted to try a new cleanser and this was very affordable.

I also got some Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges because I've been getting a sore throat recently and I've found these very helpful.

The final thing I got was some Allergy and Hayfever relief because I've been getting allergy's recently so I bought two packs of these so they will last me a while.

Anyway, that's all I bought today. I hope you enjoyed this beauty haul and I'll be back again soon with another post.

See you then.

Megan x