Sunday, 13 November 2016

Why Do I Blog?

That is a very interesting question. Why do I blog? I suppose the real question is why did I start to blog and why do I still do it.

To me blogging is kind of like a journal or a diary except other people can see it and read it plus even comment on it.

I know I'm not one of those famous bloggers that you see all over the internet and I'm not even sure if I have regular readers or new readers every time I make a post. I don't mind though because the fact that ten or more people have been on my blog and viewed a post I made makes me smile. Even though I do not know that person or even know whether or not they like the post I write it just makes me smile that someday took time out of their day to look at my blog. Even if it's just for one second, it's a really good feeling to know somebody viewed my blog.

That's not the main reason why I blog. It's one of the reasons but not the main one.

On Friday May 16th 2014, I made my first post. I'm going to be honest I had no plan when making this blog. I was looking through other blogs like Zoella and Sprinkle Of Glitter and I watched many YouTube channels and they all just looked like so much fun. I didn't want to make a YouTube channel because I'm kind of a shy person and so I thought blogging was the next best thing. I'm just a person behind a screen typing the words and posting them. That's why I chose blogging because it's just words which I've typed and I can look over what I've typed and I don't have to worry about editing or whether or not I look good for the camera. I can wear pyjamas, no make up and being lying in bed while making a post which is exactly what I'm doing as I'm typing this. Plus it's up to me what I put on this blog. Nobody else can have a say because it's my blog and it's just me typing them out.

Back in 2014, I was just a seventeen year old who decided to make a blog. I didn't make very many posts because I was still new to it and I just posted whenever I felt like it. Back in 2014 I made 15 posts. Now though as the years go by I have slowly improved as a blogger. I'm not the best but right now I'm proud of what my blog and posts look like. I've changed things a little every now and then but sometimes you need changes to improve on things.

I'm proud of this little blog I have. It's not much but it's good enough for me. To this day I have made 223 posts (including this one). It's nice to look back on them because some of them are actually memories of things I've done these past two years which I can look back on and remember.

This isn't a job for me. I don't get paid to do blog and even if I did, I just blog for fun. I love to blog and make posts about the latest book I've read or give people advice about university or share what I bought that day. It's fun and gives me something to do in my spare time.

If you're reading this and want to start a blog. Do it because you can blog about anything you like. It's your own little place where you can share your thoughts and feelings and you never know you may improve somebody's day.

Anyway, that's all from me today. I'll be back tomorrow with a post about how to blog. It's going to be a good one so stay tuned for that tomorrow.

See you soon.

Megan x