Sunday, 6 November 2016


It's Sunday. A day where nothing much really happens.

Waking up late in the morning and getting up.

You look towards you're bed and wonder what were you doing in the night to make it look like that. You decide to do it later because after all it's Sunday. Who cares.

You leave your bedroom and the first place you go to is the bathroom to brush your teeth and go to the toilet. It's a normal thing in the morning.

You then head downstairs and go to the kitchen.

You boil the kettle on the arger and wait a while as it does take forever to boil.

Coffee is a big essential in the morning and you need it in your favourite mug.

You start making your coffee and look inside at the interesting looking mixture of coffee, sugar and milk.

You check the time and realise it's nearly eleven o'clock but you think oh well it's only Sunday. You have no plans.

Finally the kettle is boiled and you can pour the water in to finish making your coffee.

Now you can go back to your bedroom with your coffee.

Once at your bedroom and look at your messy bed. It's very tempting to just go back into bed and watch Netflix all day.

However, you decide to be productive and make your bed. At least you've done something productive today.

You get dressed but into comfy clothes. Who really cares what you wear on a Sunday.

You're even allowed to wear your fluffy socks too.

Now that you're dressed you can do something, except it's nothing really productive. You decide to be nostalgic by playing your PS2 and your favourite Harry Potter game.

It doesn't matter if you spend the day playing your favourite game. It's Sunday.

Nobody will judge you.

Happy Sunday!

Megan x