Monday, 14 November 2016

How to blog?

I'm sure some of you probably know how to blog but I'm going to share what I do when I make a blog post.

First off I decide what I'm posting about. If I have an idea I can role with it and start making it.

With a blog post where I'm just typing away and don't need any pictures then I just type away. Those are normally the quick posts because I'm just writing what's on my mind. I don't write out what I write first. Normally I just start typing and the words come to me. Sometimes I think it over what I want to say but normally I just type then read over what I've written to see if it makes sense.

Now just text with no pictures can look a bit boring so normally I add a picture with the title on the post on top of it so it looks more appealing. It's also handy when it comes to pinning the posts two pinterest. (I'll talk about this later)

How I do it is I google a nice looking background picture or sometimes I take my own picture then add text to it. Below is the picture I normally use in all of my blog posts. I use it because it kind of goes with the colour scheme and it's easy to write on. I sometimes change this background depending on what kind of post I'm doing but most of the time it's just this one.

Next I go to this website called PicMonkey ( which looks a bit like this.

I click on edit which will then let me choose the image I want. Once I choose the image it will then look like this.

I then click on the Tt symbol on the left of the page to get me to this screen which is where you can choose the font of your text.

Normally the font I choose is Sue Ellen Francisco because it's easy to read and it doesn't look to serious or boring. Then click add text.

Once you've chosen your font and clicked add text then a text box will appear and then you can type whatever you want into. I've typed in the title of this post.

Now you can change the colour, the size of the font. Normally I make the text as big as it will go which is 720 then I choose a kind of dark, navy blue colour and I centre the text so it's right in the middle of the image.

Then I just click on the save button on the top of the page to get to this screen. I don't change the quality or the dimensions, I just leave it as it is. Then I just click save to my computer. I have a folder dedicated to my blog where I save all my images to.

Then I just add it to the top of the page I'm writing the post on then I'm done with that.

When taking photos I sometimes use my iPhone 5 but most of the time I use my camera because it has better quality. The camera I use is the Polaroid iS426 Compact Camera which is a very good camera and takes good quality pictures. I've had no problem using this camera.

Then you just edit your post and write about whatever it is you want to write about. Read over what you've written and if you're happy with what you've done then normally you can preview what the post will look like on your blog which is very helpful as you can see if it looks good or not.

Finally, if you're using Blogger then you can add labels and add what you'll write in the search decription. Here's what I've written to give you ideas on what you can write in them.

When I'm happy with everything, I click publish. Next I view my blog and click on the post. I then copy the link. I then go to twitter and write a tweet about my new post then I add hashtags. I use hashtags which relate to the post but also hashtags which some people might be clicking. I then pin it to my page so if anyone clicks on my profile they can see my pinned tweet is my blog post. Here's an example of a post I did a couple of days ago about my tips on being a productive student.

The next thing I do is I pin my blog post to my pinterest. How I do that is I have a little pinterest icon on my browser in the right hand corner.
There ¬

Once I click that button then this page will show up and I click on the second one because that is what the pin will show on Pinterest because it has the title of the page on it.

When I click it this page will show up and I can save it to my pinterest board. The pinterest board I choose is the one titled University because it has all things university in it.

If you don't have a pinterest button on your browser then you can just go to pinterest and click on the plus sign button on the bottom right corner then click save from a website. You then put the link of the page and the same thing screens above will appear.

That's everything I do when I blog. I hope this helpful to any of you who want to blog and wanted some tips.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and I'll be back again tomorrow with another post.

See you then.

Megan x