Monday, 7 November 2016

Back to University

This morning I got up early as I was going back to university today. I have a day off on Monday so it seemed like the perfect time to catch the train. I've discovered catching trains on the weekend and Fridays can be extremely busy.

It was a nice journey. My trains were quiet. I had three changes which wasn't so bad and I'm used to it. Luckily my trains weren't delayed, well except for the last one by ten minutes but that was fine.

On my first train I read Dan and Phil Go Outside. I say read it's more of a picture book with captions but I still enjoyed it. I managed to read that on my 2 hour train journey and finished it just before I arrived at my first stop.

I then had a 40 minute wait for my next train but it was fine because the station had a Starbucks so I ordered my first Gingerbread Latte for the year and I remembered how much I loved them. They make me feel all warm fuzzy inside because it means Christmas is near. I also had a prawn mayo sandwich which I bought from the shop the day before because normally after two hours you can get hungry.

Then I caught my next train and I read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as I was taking all my Harry Potters up to university. Most of them was in my suitcase but I had the third one in my backpack which I was happy as it's one of my favourites. I managed to read a few chapters of it before I arrived at the next station in Manchester Piccadilly .

Finally I just listened to my iPod as I had a quick ride on the train to the next station in Manchester which was Oxford Road. I was quite lucky because that train was going to Scotland but it announced that it had to terminate at Oxford Road. It wasn't very lucky for the other passengers but it was lucky for me.

Then I got onto my final train and arrived at my station. Then I had to drag my suitcase for 20 minutes to my house but that was fine because I was used to it. Plus it was my fault it was heavy. There was about eight books in the suitcase.

Anyway, I'm at my university house now and I'm currently watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I just had pizza because I felt like I deserved it plus I don't have much food in the house.

So yeah I'm back for the next half of the first term of university. I have a 9am tomorrow which is a shame but oh well.

That's it from me but I'll be back again tomorrow with another post.

See you then.

Megan x