Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

I hope you are all having a great day and night. Whatever it is you're doing I'm sure it's more exciting than what I'm doing.

I have no plans for Halloween. I'm not going to any parties or doing anything exciting really. However, I did have an idea which is just my cup of tea which I thought would be fun. I may as well make the most of my night in at home.

Now the first thing I needed was some snacks. I went shopping today with my mum and I wanted to get some popcorn but Tesco's only had salted, toffee and sweet and salted mixed together. I just wanted sweet popcorn. Then I went to Iceland and they had no popcorn. I was a bit confused because normally places have popcorn. Anyway, I then decided to buy these cheese and chive pretzels. I've had them before and they're really nice so I thought I may as well get these.

For my evening I thought I'd have a movie night. I don't exactly have any horror films as I'm not the biggest fan of them. However I did have two which I thought would be a good alternative and that is Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (which I suppose it's a horror musical) and Cats the musical (because it's people dressed up as cats) I also like these films so I thought why not.

I've also lit a candle to immerse myself into the Halloween spirit so the only source of light is from the candle and TV screen.

Anyway, that's all my plans for Halloween. Wrapped in a blanket, eating pretzels and watching movies. I hope you have fun with whatever your plans are for Halloween and I'll be back again soon with another post.

Megan x

Friday, 21 October 2016

My Life Next Door

This post does not contain any spoilers about this book. Just thought I'd let you know.

I recently finished reading My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. I start reading this book I was watching a lot of YouTubers recommending contemporary and romance books and this one was on the list a lot. I looked up the blurb of the book and I just wanted to know more.

It's a really cute story and it's about a seventeen year old girl called Samantha Reed who comes from a kind of strict, political, quiet family. They live next door to the Garretts who are everything the Reeds are not. Loud, numerous, messy, affectionate. Samantha's mother doesn't want her family to have anything to do with them because they are nothing like their family. However Samantha watches the Garretts everyday from her balcony wishing she could be one of them. That is until one summer's evening Jase Garrett climbs up to her balcony and sits next to her which changes everything.

It's a really cute story which is about these two people from different families coming together. It's about romance, friendship, family and it is just a wonderful story.

When I started reading this I was in love. I really liked the characters and how the story played out. It's actually a really cute story about how two people slowly fall in love and we kind of see what they go through in the relationship together. It's just well played out and I highly recommend this book if you're looking for a cute contemporary romance novel because you will not feel disappointed. This book just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I tried to take my time with reading it but every time I got back to reading I could not put it down for ages. I wanted to know what happens next.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about My Life Next Door. The next book I'll be reading is one that's been on my wish list and reading list for quite some time since I found out about it. I just recently got it from Amazon and it is Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. It just sounds like my kind of love story and I'm so excited to read it.

Anyway, I'll be back soon with another post.

See you then.

Megan x

Monday, 17 October 2016


Something that has been on my mind recently is the feeling of love. I am someone who has never been in a relationship and I don't know what it is like to be loved by someone who is not a family member or a friend. I have never had a boyfriend or even experienced a proper first kiss with a boy. I am twenty years old and sometimes I can't but feel like is this normal to have never been in a relationship and experience the love from another.

Now I'm not saving myself or waiting for the right guy. I'm not even going out and looking. Even on the nights out. I may say I'm on the pull but deep down I just want a good night. I'm kind of a shy quiet awkward person. I feel nervous sometimes in social situations and feel like I'm not what a guy is looking for. I'm not a perfect body good looking fashionable woman. I'm sort of your average looking chunky woman who wears comfy clothes.

Most of the time though I'm happy being single because I've spent twenty years being single and it's what I'm used to. I don't know anything different. If I'd been in a relationship before maybe I'd feel slightly different about being single. However there are times where my mind wonders what it would be like to have a boyfriend. Someone who texts you, spend time with being all cuddly with and do things together and loves you. I do wonder it and I've seen countless movies and read books which makes me imagine me in those kind of situations. Yet that is probably a very high expectation. I've heard all sorts of stories about relationships and I've even had people tell me that I'm lucky to be single so I don't have to deal with relationship problems.

Yet I do have moments where it does bring me down. Hearing about people going from relationship to relationship or how people are in relationships and seeing there pictures of their dates and them just being happy.

I have questioned the thought that maybe I won't find love. Maybe I am one of those people that will probably never find love but you can never really tell because you never know what will happen in the future. I have to admit I thought maybe in University I'd meet the love of my life but that's looking unlikely. I've also had countless crushes on guys but I've never expressed my feelings to them because I'm scared of rejection or I'm scared I might ruin a friendship and they'll want nothing to do with me afterwards. I suppose in a way I am afraid to take a risk and just say how I feel to a guy I'm crushing on.

Anyway, I suppose I'll just have to wait and see what the future holds maybe my first love will be the man I marry. Who knows? At least I have family and friends who love me so that's better than nothing.

I just thought I'd share with you guys my thoughts and feelings on love.

I'll be back again soon with another post.

See you soon.

Megan x

Sunday, 2 October 2016

How To Be Organised For University

It's that time of year where students have to get back into a routine again.

The truth about university is there comes a time when you will procrastinate. It happens. You think your deadlines is months away and you have plenty of time to do it all when you don't realise you have about five other assignments which are due in that same week. Believe me those deadlines will come quickly and you will enter the land of stressville where it all can get a bit much.

So the obvious tip is don't procrastinate on your assignments but that can be hard. I thought I would just share with you some tips which would be helpful to some of you and ones which I'm going to try and use this year.

One of the first things I would suggest is try to do a bit of work every day even if it's just an hour of your time towards a particular assignment. At least you're slowly progressing through your assignment. Honestly the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can have it checked over and have improvements suggested to you.

Also if you have a day off or have only one lecture that day. Try to use that free time wisely. Of course reward yourself by doing something fun but honestly make the most of your time off and do something productive. You are going to have loads of days where you're unproductive but honestly if you do at least an hours work each day then you will feel so much more confident that you will get your assignments done on time.

Another tip would be to get into a routine. Dedicate a time of each day where you know you are free all the time to do a bit of work. Whether that's in the morning or in the afternoon. Just get into a routine where you sit down and work on your assignment. Also start waking up early because the earlier you wake up, the more time you have in a day. You're also allowed to take naps during the day but do try and get some work done.

Reward yourself. Give yourself a reward after doing your assignment. Whether it's if I do an hours work I can go and hang out with my friends or I can watch a movie or if it's just something you enjoy doing. Give yourself a reward at the end of it because that can motivate you to do it.

Write down your end goal so for university that's obviously your degree. Make the most of these three years and do try and get the best marks you possibly can. If you're dedicated and really work hard on your assignments then you will achieve what you want. It does take dedication and hard work to achieve it all.
Your lecturers will know the difference between  if your assignment was rushed the night before to if you spent a long time working on it and improving it.

The problem though with university is there isn't really anyone chasing you down or yelling at you to get it done. I have this problem in my Media Studies where you just attend lectures and it's just a person speaking to you. The assignments are essay based and you do the essay in your own time. Your lecturer does mention they're happy to read over what you've done so far but you don't actually have to give it to them. That's probably why most students procrastinate on their assignments is because nobody is running after you. You're independent in university and lecturers are relying on you to get it done by yourself.

Another thing is make to do lists. I love making to do lists because it gives me an idea on what to focus on and what I need to get done. Put the most hardest thing first so then you get it other and done with then the rest will just fly by and you'll eventually be crossing off the last thing on your list.

Anyway, that's all my tips on how to stay organised for university. I hope they will be helpful to some of you and good luck with the rest of your years at university.

I'll be back soon with another post.

See you then.

Megan x