Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What's in my bag? Festival edition

Next weekend I'm going to a festival in my town. It's a three day camping music festival so I thought I'd share with you guys what I bring in my bag that I have on me during the festival.

My biggest tip when going to a festival is of course having a bag that zips up as you don't want anything falling out of it. Also have either a cross body bag, a bum bag (a fanny pack as some people call it) or a small backpack. This so you don't have to be holding your actual bag and your hands are free for when your dancing away to the music. I'm kind of on the fence about backpacks as you never know someone may be behind you and open your bag up as a joke or take stuff from your bag. That's why cross body bags or bum bags (fanny packs) will do the trick as they are closer to your waist and you can keep them in front of you within your sight.

This is the bag I'm taking. It's a cross body bag. I think it's from Peacocks. I bought it ages ago so I'm not sure if they still have it. It has a lot of room for stuff in it but it's also not to big as you don't want a huge bag. It's big enough to fit a water bottle inside and it has a pocket in front and a zipped pocket and a little pocket inside.

In the front pocket which just has a button to close it and most of the time it's open. I just keep my least valuable things in here. The first thing I keep here is my sunglasses as it might be sunny and you want to keep the sun out of your eyes. You can also use them as a hairband to keep your hair out of your face.

I also have spare hair bobbles in here just so I can tie my hair up if it gets windy or starts annoying me as it can happen sometimes.

Now for inside the bag. In the zipped pocket I just keep my female products just so I know exactly where they are and they're also not on show when someone looks at my bags. It's also best to be prepared in case your time of the month decides to show up at the festival.

In the little open pocket I just keep my phone as my phone fits perfectly and I can easily get my phone out of my bag if I need to and also it's not right at the bottom of my bag.

Next I just have a little purse which I got from New Look ages ago where I keep my ID and my money. I do not take my cards or anything like that as I do not want to lose them plus when you're camping in a field it's unlikely you are going to be going to a cash point. Just take enough money to last you the weekend for drinks and food. You won't need to spend a lot if you have alcohol and food in your tent though. I also have my ID as I'm nineteen and the legal age to buy alcohol is 18 so I will probably get ID if I'm buying alcohol at the festival. It's also a form of identification if you need some at the festival.

Next I have my little make up bag which I got from Superdrug by Zoella. I move this around in whatever bag I'm using whether it's for a night out or just my everyday bag. This is also just as useful for a festival.

Inside it I keep my compact mirror and brush as it is essential to have to check your face with and also to brush your hair out if you need to.

Some wipes as they are going to be your best friends at a festival. These Carex ones are for your hands, face and body so they can come in useful to you. Whether your hands get messy from food. If you need a freshen up under your pits. Even after using the dreaded portable loos these will be handy to clean your hands with. Trust me you need wipes when you're going to a festival.

A travelo with my favourite perfume inside as it's nice to smell good after a long day of dancing plus these will not break and spill out onto your stuff.

More hair ties in here as you can never have enough of them.

Some Vaseline as my lips can get quite dry during the day.

A lipstick to reapply to my face if I want to look good plus you never know you might end up kissing someone.

The final thing I have is hand sanitizer because to stay clean as much as possible because you may be dealing with a lot of germs going to the portable loos and also it's just nice to keep your hands smelling nice.

The last thing inside my bag is my camera so that I can take some pictures of the festival without having to use my phone all the time and just make some memories. Fun fact this is the camera I use to take pictures for all my blog posts. It's the Polaroid iS426 and I got it from Argos. If I take any photos I'll be sure to put them all in a blog post either on Monday or Tuesday depending on how I'm feeling on Monday after the festival.

That's all I keep in my day bag for a festival. Sometimes you don't need a lot during a festival but it's nice to have some essentials.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with a post about festival tips.

See you then guys.

Megan x