Friday, 12 August 2016

Time for a change

Remember back in January one of your new years resolution was to lose weight, get fit and eat healthier. Well, here you are. It's August and none of those things have happened. You tried but then gave up many times. That's the problem then there comes a time like now where after eating a take away with your friends that you feel super guilty because you take one look at yourself and see the stretch marks, the big thighs and the belly. That's when you know it's time for a change. You look at old photos of yourself and back then that's when you thought you were fat. When you were a size 12. Now since you've been at uni you've put on a stone and some of your clothes don't fit anymore or are just tight on you. That's when you know it's time for a change.

I have 6 weeks until I go back to uni and I realise in those six weeks I can really make a difference to my body. That's why I'm going to do a workout every day even if it's a small one and take up running once a week. Shocking I know but I found this podcast which is like go from couch potato to a 40k runner. I thought I might do it because the first couple of weeks it's walking for three minutes then running for three minutes. It builds up every week and soon you'll be able to run. Plus running burns twice as many calories as walking (I think it does anyway). It doesn't have to be running. It's jogging basically. That's better than nothing. Now I'm going to recommend a channel which I have seen some pretty good results on social media. It's Lucy Wyndham-Read. She has so many different workouts from intense ones to beginners and she covers everything. Also look at Lumowell's channel as it has a lots of different workouts on there too. I'm not sponsored by these and they don't even know I'm mentioning them. These are just ones I've found really useful. Create a playlist for yourself on YouTube then do the workout at home. You don't need to go to the gym or buy an exercise DVD when it's all completely free on YouTube. There's loads of exercises out there.

I also recommend keeping a food diary and making a note of everything you eat and drink. That way you can see your diet right before your eyes. The more you put down the guiltier you feel and probably won't eat it again. Also drink lots of water. Water helps because it has zero calories in it plus it can fill you up.

Finally, this may be hard but get in to the habit of weighing yourself in the morning (do it in the morning because in the evening you'll be more heavier. For some reason after a night's sleep you'll weigh less than you were the night before.) Just make a note every day so you can see yourself progressing plus it's a good feeling when you see you've lost a pound or 2 pounds the next day. Every little helps.

Also make a note of how long you're working out for. Time yourself so you can see if you're doing enough working out. I heard a twenty minute workout is good.

I hope this has inspired some of you to follow your new years resolutions and start getting fitter. Good luck and I'll keep you posted about my progress.

I'll be back soon with another post. See you then guys.

Megan x