Thursday, 25 August 2016

My Festival Tips and Tricks

As you know from my previous post I am going to be going to a three day camping music festival this weekend at my hometown. Now I've been doing a lot of research and getting tips. Even though I go to this festival every year, it's always nice to make the experience even more better than last years.

The number one thing I recommend bring to your campsite at the festival is lots and lots of water. Hydration is important especially if your going to be drinking quite a bit over the weekend. It's vital to have some big bottles of water. They are not that expensive or if you can get your hands on some empty big bottles then do it. Stay hydrated. Another thing to do is to freeze the bottles before you go so that they stay nice and cold over the weekend. Trust me and also you can use it in your cool box to keep your food cold.

Make sure you have a tent and if your going with friends or family then make like a circle with your tents so you can all be together and make plans together. Your tent is also your base where you can come to get food or just to chill out.

Invest also in an air mattress because honestly you won't be able to sleep on the hard floor. Trust me when you come back to your tent at the end of the night and lay down on your air mattress you will probably have a better nights sleep than if you were sleeping on the hard floor. Trust me it'll be worth it.

Have a buddy system. Honestly just stick to having a buddy system if your in a big group for when you're going to the toilet or if you're going to get a drink or going back to your tent. At least if you have someone with you and you both end up losing your group then you'll still be able to enjoy the festival with your buddy.

Have alcohol in your tent if your at the legal age. At festivals buying alcohol can be expensive. You're allowed to have alcohol in your actual tent so if you want a break from the crowds and music then go back to your tent have a bit of alcohol. Honestly you'll feel better and you won't have to pay for the alcohol.

Have plenty of food. Trust me you'll need plenty of food. Bring rolls, some cooked meat, some crisps and some fruit like grapes, bananas, apples etc.. Trust me you will get hungry and you don't want to be spending your money on the really expensive fast food. Even bringing tinned food like fruit salads and even if you fancy eating cold spaghetti hoops from a tin then do it. It's not that bad.

Get a portable phone charger. Now over the three day weekend you won't have access to a plug. Well some festivals may have charging stations but you have to pay for them and do you really want to pay a fiver charging your phone when you could be enjoying the festival. If you have a portable phone charger then you can charge your phone when you need to. Just make sure you charge the portable charger before you go and have your phone wire with you. Also if your phone is in airplane mode then it will charge quicker. Also putting your phone in airplane mode will save the battery. You can still make snapchats as they will still be on your snapchat they just won't upload until you have internet again. Switch your phone off when you're not using it as again that'll save the battery.

Take a camera. Sometimes you don't need a phone to take pictures. Take a camera and use that instead of wasting your phones battery. They'll be better quality pictures and this way your saving the battery on your phone.

Be prepared for the weather. You never know if it's going to be raining or sunny or cold or warm. Just be prepared by taking a waterproof coat and with your outfits. Have some alternatives with you in case the weather is not how you hoped it would be. Take a wooly hat, gloves and a hoody as in the evening it can get colder.

Anyway, that's all my tips and tricks for a camping music festival. Of course you could probably use some of these tips if you were going to a festival during the day.

Now, I'll be back again on either the Monday or Tuesday with a post about my festival experience if I manage to get any photos. If not I have an idea for a post which I want to share with you guys so I may do it then.

See you soon guys.

Megan x