Saturday, 9 July 2016

What's On My iPhone 5S?

I have an iPhone 5S and thought I'd join in on the tag of What's on my iPhone. It's nice to know what apps people have on their phones and I thought this would be just a phone post.

This is my iPhone 5S. It's actually second hand from my step mum as the iPhone 5 which I purchased had a cracked screen. The case was also given to me and it's from Ted Baker. I recommend this but I have a shattered proof glass screen protector on my phone as iPhones are very delicate and easily breakable but I assume anyone with an iPhone will already know that. Anyway, on with the content of the iPhone.

This is the only page of iPhone which I have. I have the basic stuff on top like Safari, Calendar, Camera, Photos, YouTube, iTunes, App Store and settings. Just very basic stuff then as you can see I like to keep my apps in folders so I know where everything is. I also have the videos, clock and notes. On the bottom is just my most used and important apps which are messages, phone, music and mail.

The first folder is called Social and it has all my social media pages in it. It has Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Tumblr, Vine, WhatsApp and Pinterest. These are apps which most of you have probably heard of.

The next folder is Travel where I just have Apple Maps, Trainline and Google Maps. These are just useful for when I'm travelling.

The next folder is De-stress as the title suggests it's for de-stressing. Pacifica is an app where you can state how you're feeling every day. You can add entries for your exercising, eating, drinking, sleep. It also has communities for anxiety, relaxing, stressing and it's where you can talk to people from other anoymously and state how you feeling and people will like or comment on them. It's also a place where you can read others people tips for relaxing and stuff like that. I recommend getting it if you want to relax. Headspace is sort of a meditating app and helps to clear your mind. You can do a session each day or week and it's really helpful if you just want to clear your mind and relax. Health is just an iPhone app when you can put in your health like sleep, exercise and all that kind of stuff. 

Games is just all my games I like to play. There's Game Center, Candy Crush, Piano Tiles 2, Magic Piano, Color, Quiz Tix Musicals, Voice Changer and Talking Ben.

Finance is just all things to do with money and buying things. I have the TSB app, Just Eat, Three, Amazon and Kindle.

Random is just a really random app section with apps I may use from time to time. It has Audible, Weather, Podcasts, Facetime and Aurasma. 

Photography just has things to do with photography. SquareReady is to put a white border around your image so that the wholle image can fit into Instagram. Photobooth is where you can take multiple photos just like in a photobooth.

Extras is just mostly all the apps which the iPhone has that I either hardly ever use or never use. There's Contacts, Calculator, Find iPhone, Compass, Watch, Reminders, iBooks, Voice Memos, Tips, Find Friends, Stocks, Wallet and News.

Anyway, that's all on my iPhone. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be back again tomorrow with another post.

See you then guys.

Megan x