Sunday, 3 July 2016

Packing For One Night

Yesterday, me and my mum took a trip up to Warrington as I was moving into my new house for my second year but I'm also lucky that I get the house for July and August so if I fancy a trip away from the farm then I can go there.

Me and my mum decided to stay in a hotel because we thought it would be nice to stay in a hotel and we thought it might be awkward if my mum stayed in the new house with the other three girls I'm living with. Plus hotels are great. Anyway this little post is what I packed for one night and it's kind of what I normally if I'm staying somewhere for night.

Going away for one night is perfect because you don't need to pack so much and you travel very light. My tip is to just have a smallish suitcase and your everyday bag. You don't even need a suitcase a holdall or a backpack would be fine but I don't know about you but I love using my suitcase because you can actually fit everything you need in it plus it'll feel so much lighter than normal.

This is my suitcase I bought it last year from Argos and I've been loving it so much. The brand is Go Explore. It's my suitcase whenever I'm going away. It's just lasted me a while and I especially love the four wheels. If you don't have a four wheel suitcase then you need to get one. It'll change your life.

Anyway now for the main part of this whole post is the contents of the suitcase.

The first thing I have to decide is clothing. What to bring? What to wear? What the weather is like?
Now when I go away for one night I like to pack two outfits in my suitcase plus I'll be wearing an outfit for travelling. What I pack is a nice outfit for the evening in case me and my mum go out for a meal. I just pack a nice top and some black jeggings just because it's comfy but it looks nice. Then I pack an outfit to just chill in as you want to be comfortable in the hotel so I pack some tracksuit bottoms and also just a basic top. I also pack a cardigan in case it's cold. What I wear while I'm travelling is some jeggings, a top and a hoodie as it's comfy and I can wear it out of the car if we stop somewhere as it is a four hour drive. The good thing about these outfits is I can mix and match if I want to. Also don't forget your pyjamas.

Shoe wise I just wear my trainers as they are shoes I wear everyday and also a nice pair of black boots just in case we do go somewhere nice. I also pack about several pairs of socks and underwear just in case and an extra bra. I also put my socks and underwear in my boots so that they keep the shape of the boot as well as make more room in my suitcase.

Now for the toiletries. I have my toiletry bag which can fit lots of things inside. I just take a travel size toothbrush, spare tooth paste, a mini deodorant, body spray, hairspray and some floss. I take my hairbrush and extra hair bobbles. Plus my skincare routine with my travel size moisturisers, Nivea miceller as well as facial wipes. I also take a spare razor just in case.

Makeup wise, I actually don't take a lot because it is just one night. I basically just take my foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, an eyeshadow palette, eye liner, one mascara and a lipstick. It's just very simple and I hardly wear much makeup anyway.

Now for the miscellaneous stuff. I have to take my laptop as it's something to use in the hotel if I'm bored and plus the hotel has free wifi. I also take the current book I'm read which is After You because again it's something to do and I love reading.

In my everyday bag I just take the basics. My phone. My purse. My student ID and keys. Wet wipes. Gum. Sunglasses. Vaseline. Compact Mirror. Extra hair bobbles.
That is everything I pack for one night. It may seem much but it is everything I need and it all fits in one case except for my everyday bag because I need it on myself as it has all my essentials inside.

I hope you enjoyed this post and now have a rough idea on what to pack for a one night getaway.
I'll be back again tomorrow with another post.
See you then guys.

Megan x