Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My Week Of Living In A New House

As some of you know I have been staying at my new house which is going to be my accommodation for university in second year. Now let me just tell you I've learned a few things about living in a house and have some benefits of living in a student house.

It's been a very positive week and I'm just going to say this here and now. To begin with I was feeling apprehensive about living in a house rather than living in halls. I was worried it wouldn't feel like a home. I was worried about being so close to my friends that we'd end up falling out and that I wouldn't enjoy living there.

However, two weeks ago when I moved into this house I felt excited and honestly the moment I stepped into my bedroom I made it look so nice and when all my stuff was unpacked it just felt like my room. That's a very good tip to when you're moving into your house is making your bedroom as comfortable and cosy as you like because it's your bedroom and only yours. You can come in your bedroom and feel a sense of comfort being surrounded by all your things. It's also a place to escape to if you're not in the mood to talk to your friends or just want to have some alone time to catch up on your favourite TV shows and YouTube.

Another thing about living in a student house with your friends is the fact that you will not feel alone and always have someone there to talk to. In halls it's was a bit difficult as your friends may be on different floors or their doors were closed so you felt you couldn't intrude on them. However when you're living in a house you are guaranteed to see someone as they might be in the living room or kitchen and their doors will be open for most of the day. You'll always be able to have a chat with one of your house mates about something. Plus if your friends want to go somewhere then you'll be invited to go with them so you'll never feel left out.

It gives you experience for when you come to living in a house of your own. Honestly it really does as you will realise how much you want your house to be tidy. You'll do the dishes, laundry, clean things and make them organised. You'll officially learn to be an adult.

Also my university is only a five minute walk away so it's great that I don't have to travel very far to go to my lectures.

All I can say is that so far I'm enjoying living in a house and it's be great. I don't think I've experienced anything bad yet so hopefully it's going to be a very positive experience.

That's all I have to say about it for now. I'll be back again tomorrow with another post. See you then guys.

Megan x