Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Balancing Work and Play

This is something everyone asks themselves from time to time. How to balance work and play?
At the moment balancing work and play is not a problem as I have no responsibilities or any assignments to do as I have broken up for the summer.

However I did notice this past year that I procrastinated a lot with my work and kept telling myself that I'll do an assignment later on in the day or I'll do it tomorrow. Well, that's kind of bad because it resulted in a couple of occasions where I'd be doing an assignment a week, sometimes even a day before it's due. Now that's really bad because it resulted me being very stressed and being stuck in the library all day to finish this assignment.

It's not a very good thing to do as you can concentrate as well or even plan as much on what you're going to say in this assignment. It may come out as a lot rambling and not a very good flow of words. Luckily I passed most of my assignments so that's good but it could have been a lot worse.

That's why I feel like I need to learn how to balance work and play. I don't even do much during my free time. I just sit around watching old YouTube videos which I could still watch after I do an assignment but I always felt the need to watch them instead of doing something productive which actually contributes to my life.

So, that's my goal for my second year of university is to be more productive and not leave everything to last minute. I have a few tips to share with you guys that will hopefully benefit you and myself for when it comes to balancing work and play.

1. Make a start on your work as soon as you get it
You don't have to get it all done the day you get it but take half an hour or an hour going over the task you need to do. Maybe even start a little research into it or if there's something you're not sure about then go talk to the person who gave you the task and they can lead you into the right direction. For example in University if you talk to your lecturer about the assignment you have to do then they will give you some books that you can borrow from the library and research.

2. Bargain with yourself
Tell yourself if you get two hours work you can do something you love to do like watching an episode of your favourite TV show or going out with your friends. Just give yourself little rewards for doing some work as it will motivate you to get your work done.

3. Make to do lists
To do lists are perfect for if you have a lot of work to do and checking each thing off as you go on is a satisfying feeling especially when you get to the end. It also shows you what you have to get done and it doesn't seem too bad.

4. Prioritize 
Try to prioritize your work by putting the most hardest task first or the one which is due in nearer. This means that you get the toughest tasks done first and also the ones that are due nearer is also over and done with and you don't have to worry about it anymore.

That is all I have to say about balancing work and play. I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful to some of you. I'll be back again today with another post as I forgot to post this yesterday. I do apologise for that. It'll be up soon.

See you then guys.

Megan x