Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Little Haul

Yesterday me and my friends went on a little shopping trip and just got a few things. We only went to two shops but it was a successful shop and things were bought. I thought I'd share with you guys the things I bought.

The first shop me and my friends went to was New Look. The first thing I picked up were this shoes. I like this converse style like shoes and I didn't have a full black pair of them. Plus these also have a bit of platform on them so I thought they would look really nice.

The next thing I bought from New Look was a little silver ring. I'm somebody who loves to wear a glittery ring on my fingers during a night out otherwise I feel my hands are just bare. Plus I saw this in New Look and thought it looked so pretty. 

The final shop me and my friends went to was Superdrug. Now I love going to Superdrug I feel like I'm always buying something from there and today was no exception. The first thing I bought was this green turquoise colour nail polish from the brand Rimmel London. I love these 60 second nail polishes from Rimmel London. They do dry really fast and the colours are amazing. I picked this colour as I thought it would be a nice colour for the summer.

The next thing I bought was some nail polish remover as I didn't bring any with me to my new house and I had a colour on my nails already which I wanted to get rid of so I could be my new nail polish on.

I also bought this Impulse Be Surprised body spray as I feel like I never can get enough of these plus I was running out on my current. The scent on this one is really nice.

I also bought a big tub of Nivea Soft Moisturiser as I only had my travel size version on me at the moment. Plus this was on sale and I thought I may as well just get it now.

Finally I bought this Zoella Make Up/ Coin purse as I thought it would be good for storing in my handbag as it is small and also looks really pretty.

That's all I bought on my little shopping trip with my friends. I hope you enjoyed this haul and I'll be back again with another post tomorrow. See you then guys.

Megan x