Sunday, 22 May 2016

University Room Tour

This has been a long awaited post since I started university. It has literally been sitting in my drafts reminding me to do it and now I'm doing it on my last week of university. I've been putting this off because I've been changing and trying to get my room organised because it's just been a mess and there was parts of the room that was just unorganised. Luckily the other day I had a big clean up of my room and then I thought while it is clean now would be a good time to take pictures for the long awaited room tour. I'll basically just show you guys pictures of the room and different parts of the room just so you can get a rough idea what a typical room looks like in halls.

Anyway, enough rambling lets get on with the tour.

This is what you see the moment you walk through the door. There is quite a bit of room and space. The things that came with the room are the bed, wardrobe, drawers, desk, chair, shelves, sink, pin board and two windows. 

This is the door of the room. I put two hooks over the door which are from B&M. They come in really handy as there was no hooks or anywhere to hang bags or coats. That's why I bought some over the door hooks so I can hang up my bags and coats.

This is my pin board which I decorated it with photos and tickets from the cinema and calenders which help keep me organised. I also have 30 train tickets which I pinned up from all the train journeys I have taken since I've been at university.

I also put up a damage free command hook to put my most every day bags so they're easily accessible for when I leave the room. I also have another command hook in my room as they came in a set and they were really cheap and easy to put up.

 To the left of my door is my desk area and my shelves.

In this part of the shelves I have all my beauty products like deodrant, body spray, hair spray, shaving cream etc. in this purple basket from B&M. I also have my eye masks and this cup which I got for my birthday from my uni friends with some straws and my sunglasses in them.  There's also my DVDs and video games as well as my jewellery and perfume.

On this shelf I have my university books and my other books. I also have my two glasses and mirror which I use for my make up as well as some nail polish and lipstick.

This is the top shelf which has loads of random stuff like my cereal, Malibu, medicine, DVDs and a blow up guitar which I got during Freshers.

 This is my desk which is where I work. I have a lamp and images of my family as well as some tea which is normally there.

The desk has three drawers which has lots of work and papers inside as well as some extra make up and female products. I'm not going to show the insides of the drawers as they are very messy and so unorganized.

This is on the side of my desk. It's just where I store my iron, pepsi and other random stuff which have no place but sometimes I need to access.

This is the radiator where I keep my towels. It turns on and off by itself. It has set times during the day where it comes on. Next to it I store some of my shoes and a bin which just have cables and hats inside it.

On my windowsill I keep my make up, straightner, curler, hair dryer and just some random stuff.

This is where I keep my TV and ps3. In my drawers I keep some clothes, PJs and underwear.

This is my bed. It's really comfy. The bed sheets are from Wilkos and I can't remember where the cushions are from but yeah this is where I sleep.

Now some rooms came with a bedside table but mine didn't so I had to make do with putting two boxes on top of one another. It's worked fine and I put a blanket over it to make it look cute but yeah it's been great all year.

Here is where I keep my most worn shoes and my bin obviously. Nothing to exciting here.

This is my sink which has been really handy and I just keep my tooth cleaning supplies and soap. I also have my wash bag for when I go for a shower. Underneath is just my laundry basket. Next to that I keep kitchen towels and my laundry tablets.

This where the other command hook is. I just keep a jacket and my dressing gown on here which is really handy. Especially if I need to quickly access during a 1am fire alarm which happened a couple of months ago. Not fun but still it was handy quickly accessing my dressing gown.

Now this is my wardrobe. It's big and stores most of my clothes. There's also shelves and a shoe rack on the bottom which is really handy to have for extra storage.

Finally here is where I store my yoga mat and a box which I just keep some snacks and other stuff like recipe books and cling film just to keep it out of the way. I keep things which I wouldn't want to get stolen from the communal kitchen. There has been a food thief in halls this year so I keep food which I want to be stolen like chocolate and crisps and all that here.

So that's my university room for this year. I hope you enjoyed this post. I won't be living in halls next year as I'm moving into a house with my friends. This just gives you a rough idea of what a university room is like. I'll be moving out of here in a week so that's crazy. Time has flown by so fast.

Anyway, I'll be back on Tuesday with another post.
I'll see you then guys.

Megan x