Thursday, 19 May 2016

University Morning Routine

Today, I thought I'd show you guys what I do in the morning on the day of a lecture.

The first thing that happens is my alarm goes off at 9am in the morning. I stop my alarm and check to see if I have any messages from anyone and reply to them.

After that I get up and open my curtains. I normally check to see what the weather is like by looking out of the window. Today is was cloudy.

I will then take my favourite mug and go to the communal kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. I normally just have tea or coffee in the mornings. I'm not really a breakfast eater in the mornings.

I take my tea back into my room and lay in my bed with my laptop. I watch YouTube videos for a bit while I drink my tea. Today I was watching Maricraft on the Smosh Games channel.

After chilling for a bit, I finally decide to get up and make my bed. I always like to make my bed as it feels like the rest of my room is tidy if my bed is tidy.

After making my bed I will go to my sink and brush my teeth.

Once I've brushed my teeth, I will then wash my face with Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

After washing my face I will then go on to add Nivea's soft moisturising cream. I normally leave it on for ten minutes before I do anything else.

While waiting for the moisturiser I will play Piano Tiles 2 on my phone. My friends have this game and I just got addicted to it.

After playing piano tiles and the moisturiser being done, I will then apply make up. These are all the products I'm using.

Afterwards, I will get dressed and sort my hair out.

Finally I'll sort my bag out and check I have everything.

Finally I'll leave my room and lock the door.

Anyway, that was a typical morning routine for me on the morning of a lecture. I'll be back tomorrow with another post as I didn't post on Tuesday. Tomorrow it'll be my university night routine.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Megan x