Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Study Tips!

As it is exam time and I do have an exam coming up on Friday, I thought I'd share with you some study tips I have learned and have really helped me with revision.

1. Give yourself enough time to revise
Do not leave it to the day before. That won't help. You may think it'll help because you have a really bad memory and revising the day before will help you remember. Just trust me it won't help because you will be stressed out and panicking a lot. Believe I know. I've been there and I've done it. Believe or not though if you revise for a week, come to the exam, I can guarantee something which you went over during your revision time will pop up in your head. Just do a lot of revision and you will pass. I promise you.

2. Find a good working space
I've said this in many posts in the past about studying but please do not study on your bed. I know its comfy but you will not be productive and you'll feel tired and lazy. Your body will think you're being lazy too as your bed is your lazy spot. If you sit at a desk though then you'll feel more productive and more likely to do more revision. Another good idea is to just leave your room and go to a library. I know we have a desk in our room but in all honesty, there are too many distractions in your bedroom. If you go to a library and work at a desk. You won't be distracted, your work space will be clean and you'll be surrounded by people doing the same thing as you. Studying. Seeing people studying will motivate you to study and be like them.

3. Make a schedule and a plan
Don't just say you'll do revision on this day. State what you're going to revise on the day. That way you can say you've revised a certain topic. Also make a schedule as to when you will revise. I like studying in the mornings because that way I have the afternoon to just relax and if I'm productive first thing in the morning then I'll be productive for the rest of the day. Make a note on your calender or planner of what days you'll revise and what topic you'll cover during that session.

4. Have your goal in front of you
What I mean by this is write down the goal say for instance 'You want to get the degree' or 'Get a good grade' and stick it up in front of you on the wall or on your desk just so you can easily see it and look at it. This will motivate you to study as you know if you study you will achieve that goal. Trust me it'll work. 

5. Take breaks
Do take breaks. I know you want to work non stop for hours on end but it won't help. It'll stress you out and you probably won't remember a thing. Just work for an hour or two then just take a little ten minute break. Make a cup of tea, eat food, stretch, walk around. Don't touch your phone. Just relax. Leave your work space for a bit then go back to it. You'll feel more relaxed after your break.

6. Make notes
Don't just copy word from word from a book. Just read over the chapter or section of the book then just make a little summary in your own words about what you've just read. It'll be so much easier when you are reading over your notes if you just have a brief summary of something you need to know for your exam. Also if it's in your own words then you are more likely to remember it.

Anyway, that's all my study tips I have for you guys. Good luck if you are taking exams. They'll be over before you know it.

I'll be back on Thursday with another post. 

See you then guys.

Megan x