Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Life In General

I don't really have any plans for this post today but I knew I had to make a post. I also just wanted to make a post. Tell you a little bit about life in general.

Life is good at the moment. I feel really happy now that I've surrounded myself with a good group of friends.

Yesterday was also quite a good day well except for the morning. As you know I had to do a presentation for Audi and show them my advertising campaign for their Audi R8. I was so nervous before hand. I woke up early preparing everything. Making sure I knew what I was going to say and I just kept practising it. Overall, I think it well. I managed to get through it and my friends wished me good luck. I managed to answer the questions given to me at the end. I was just glad when it was over and done with.

Today I had to finish off an assignment due in today. I managed to get it done before the deadline which is good. I now only have one more assignment due in next week and just one exam as well then that's it for now. My first year of university will be complete. I'm also going home in two weeks time which I can't wait as I've been missing my family as well.

Luckily though I don't have to move out of halls until July so I can leave all my stuff as it is and come back to visit if I wanted to. I still have friends who have to stay in uni over the summer because their term times are different to the normal ones.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. Life is pretty good at the moment apart from the fact I've been having some weird nightmares. Other than that it's been good.

I'll be back again on Thursday with another post. See you then guys.

Megan x