Sunday, 29 May 2016

Deadlines and exams are here + how to relax and not stress

Okay some genius decided to put all the deadlines and exams on in the same week or very close together. It can be a stressful process and sometimes you can leave stuff to the last minute which is kind of the worse thing to do because this will give you a lot of stress. However, it can be a good thing as the pressure will force you to actually do it. Just stay strong throughout. I thought of a few tips that might help you to relax and be a little bit stress free for when you need to do those last assignments or revision.

1. Find a good place to work
I've mentioned this previously but do not work on your bed. Your bed is for sleeping and being lazy. I know it's comfy but you'll feel tired and lazy which means you'll want to stop doing what you're doing quicker. Sit at a desk. If you're in a room add some fairy lights make it a little cosy so you just feel relaxed. Light a few candles if you can and just feel relaxed.

2. Listen to some calm music
I don't know what it is but I love listening to instrumental music rather than songs with loads of lyrics because I can concentrate more. Listen to some classical music or do what I do and listen to the Titanic soundtrack. It's a really great soundtrack and sometimes it just feels good while I'm working.

3. Don't panic
I know it's hard but try not panic. Just try to think positive. You do have time before the deadline to complete the assignment. You'll remember something in the exam. Just try not to think of outcome as well because you do not know what will happen. Just focus on doing your work then worry about your result after. Trust me, I did an assignment and I didn't think it was the best and I kept thinking of all these things I could have put in it. When I got the email about the results I was expecting failure but luckily I managed to pass it. You might think your work is bad but someone else won't. Trust me. You're your biggest critic. If you think the work your doing is rubbish then give it to a friend or a parent and get them to look at it. They'll tell you that they think it's good or tell you something to improve on. They'll help you out so show someone what you've done just to reassure yourself and it'll make you feel so much better.

4. Distract yourself (this one is for the exam people)
The night before an exam can be stressful and you may be working yourself up about but the best thing you can do is to distract yourself from thinking about it. Read a book. Watch a movie. Put your mind away from the upcoming exam. Yes, do a little revision but by now (hopefully) You've done enough revision that you can remember some stuff. Just to reassure yourself. Look at the flash cards or notes you've made a couple of times before you go to sleep then look at them again in the morning. It'll be okay guys.

5. Clear your mind
Sometimes you just need to clear your head and relax. Do some meditation or do what I did and download Headspace. It really helps. You just sit on a chair and listen to someone giving you breathing techniques and just saying how to relax your body and mind. It really does help. I did it the other day and felt so relaxed after. Sometimes that's all you need,

6. Talk to someone
Sometimes talking about it is the best way forward. Don't do it online or by texting. Talk face to face or by phone. Say how you're feeling. Talk to other students. They'll be feeling the same way you are.

7. Stay positive
Get those negative thoughts about failing out of your head right now. Just stay positive. Tell yourself you will smash this exam and do the best you can. It's not the end of the world if you fail. You can always resit and try again. Don't worry about the result. Just stay positive. You never know you may find the exam a whole lot easier than you were expecting so don't worry. Also don't worry what your family might think about the result. It's your life not theirs. So just don't be phased by what they think. They don't matter when it comes to exams. You're not doing it for them. You're doing it for you.

Anyway, that's all my tips for exams. I hope they were helpful. Good luck if you are doing your exams now and I'll be back on Tuesday with another post.

Megan x

*This is not a sponsored post. These are just my tips.*