Sunday, 29 May 2016

Deadlines and exams are here + how to relax and not stress

Okay some genius decided to put all the deadlines and exams on in the same week or very close together. It can be a stressful process and sometimes you can leave stuff to the last minute which is kind of the worse thing to do because this will give you a lot of stress. However, it can be a good thing as the pressure will force you to actually do it. Just stay strong throughout. I thought of a few tips that might help you to relax and be a little bit stress free for when you need to do those last assignments or revision.

1. Find a good place to work
I've mentioned this previously but do not work on your bed. Your bed is for sleeping and being lazy. I know it's comfy but you'll feel tired and lazy which means you'll want to stop doing what you're doing quicker. Sit at a desk. If you're in a room add some fairy lights make it a little cosy so you just feel relaxed. Light a few candles if you can and just feel relaxed.

2. Listen to some calm music
I don't know what it is but I love listening to instrumental music rather than songs with loads of lyrics because I can concentrate more. Listen to some classical music or do what I do and listen to the Titanic soundtrack. It's a really great soundtrack and sometimes it just feels good while I'm working.

3. Don't panic
I know it's hard but try not panic. Just try to think positive. You do have time before the deadline to complete the assignment. You'll remember something in the exam. Just try not to think of outcome as well because you do not know what will happen. Just focus on doing your work then worry about your result after. Trust me, I did an assignment and I didn't think it was the best and I kept thinking of all these things I could have put in it. When I got the email about the results I was expecting failure but luckily I managed to pass it. You might think your work is bad but someone else won't. Trust me. You're your biggest critic. If you think the work your doing is rubbish then give it to a friend or a parent and get them to look at it. They'll tell you that they think it's good or tell you something to improve on. They'll help you out so show someone what you've done just to reassure yourself and it'll make you feel so much better.

4. Distract yourself (this one is for the exam people)
The night before an exam can be stressful and you may be working yourself up about but the best thing you can do is to distract yourself from thinking about it. Read a book. Watch a movie. Put your mind away from the upcoming exam. Yes, do a little revision but by now (hopefully) You've done enough revision that you can remember some stuff. Just to reassure yourself. Look at the flash cards or notes you've made a couple of times before you go to sleep then look at them again in the morning. It'll be okay guys.

5. Clear your mind
Sometimes you just need to clear your head and relax. Do some meditation or do what I did and download Headspace. It really helps. You just sit on a chair and listen to someone giving you breathing techniques and just saying how to relax your body and mind. It really does help. I did it the other day and felt so relaxed after. Sometimes that's all you need,

6. Talk to someone
Sometimes talking about it is the best way forward. Don't do it online or by texting. Talk face to face or by phone. Say how you're feeling. Talk to other students. They'll be feeling the same way you are.

7. Stay positive
Get those negative thoughts about failing out of your head right now. Just stay positive. Tell yourself you will smash this exam and do the best you can. It's not the end of the world if you fail. You can always resit and try again. Don't worry about the result. Just stay positive. You never know you may find the exam a whole lot easier than you were expecting so don't worry. Also don't worry what your family might think about the result. It's your life not theirs. So just don't be phased by what they think. They don't matter when it comes to exams. You're not doing it for them. You're doing it for you.

Anyway, that's all my tips for exams. I hope they were helpful. Good luck if you are doing your exams now and I'll be back on Tuesday with another post.

Megan x

*This is not a sponsored post. These are just my tips.*

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Packing up my life again

I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. It felt like yesterday I was moving into university and now here I am, nearly done. I just have an exam tomorrow then I'm finished with first year. I'll be taking some of my stuff out of my room and back home. I'm leaving some of my stuff behind to move into my house in July plus the accommodation contract for the hall I'm in doesn't end until July so that's a bonus.

I just can't believe it though. In a weird way, the moment you start getting used to uni life and being independent is the moment it starts coming to an end. I've been at university for eight months.

I have made so many wonderful friends while I've been here. More than I ever had in secondary school so if you feel like you don't have any close friends during school, don't worry. You'll make loads at university. I did. Everyone on my campus is so nice and that's why I love a small campus because everybody knows or recognises somebody. You won't be alone that much.

There will be some tough times but there will also be some good times too. You just have to make the most of it. If you find yourself alone, just have a fun day out for yourself. Go to the cinema by yourself. It's actually not that bad. I've gone three times alone now and enjoyed myself. Just make the most of it. You don't need people to have a good time, but it's always nice to have a good time with friends as well.

Don't fret. Some days they may not want to do anything with you or they may do something and forgot to invite you, but that's okay. Sometimes it might have been a last minute thing to do. Don't worry about it. You'll have other fun times together. Don't worry.

Just keep your head held high, don't let it get to you because you may say something you'll regret. Just rise above it or distract yourself with something you love. Play a video game. That always distracts me. Especially Minecraft, you can spend hours on that.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. I may make a post in the future about first year and give you guys some tips on surviving your first year.

Let me know if you have any questions about university and I'll answer them all in a blog post.

Don't worry I don't bite.

I'll be back with another post on the weekend. See you then guys.

Megan x

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Study Tips!

As it is exam time and I do have an exam coming up on Friday, I thought I'd share with you some study tips I have learned and have really helped me with revision.

1. Give yourself enough time to revise
Do not leave it to the day before. That won't help. You may think it'll help because you have a really bad memory and revising the day before will help you remember. Just trust me it won't help because you will be stressed out and panicking a lot. Believe I know. I've been there and I've done it. Believe or not though if you revise for a week, come to the exam, I can guarantee something which you went over during your revision time will pop up in your head. Just do a lot of revision and you will pass. I promise you.

2. Find a good working space
I've said this in many posts in the past about studying but please do not study on your bed. I know its comfy but you will not be productive and you'll feel tired and lazy. Your body will think you're being lazy too as your bed is your lazy spot. If you sit at a desk though then you'll feel more productive and more likely to do more revision. Another good idea is to just leave your room and go to a library. I know we have a desk in our room but in all honesty, there are too many distractions in your bedroom. If you go to a library and work at a desk. You won't be distracted, your work space will be clean and you'll be surrounded by people doing the same thing as you. Studying. Seeing people studying will motivate you to study and be like them.

3. Make a schedule and a plan
Don't just say you'll do revision on this day. State what you're going to revise on the day. That way you can say you've revised a certain topic. Also make a schedule as to when you will revise. I like studying in the mornings because that way I have the afternoon to just relax and if I'm productive first thing in the morning then I'll be productive for the rest of the day. Make a note on your calender or planner of what days you'll revise and what topic you'll cover during that session.

4. Have your goal in front of you
What I mean by this is write down the goal say for instance 'You want to get the degree' or 'Get a good grade' and stick it up in front of you on the wall or on your desk just so you can easily see it and look at it. This will motivate you to study as you know if you study you will achieve that goal. Trust me it'll work. 

5. Take breaks
Do take breaks. I know you want to work non stop for hours on end but it won't help. It'll stress you out and you probably won't remember a thing. Just work for an hour or two then just take a little ten minute break. Make a cup of tea, eat food, stretch, walk around. Don't touch your phone. Just relax. Leave your work space for a bit then go back to it. You'll feel more relaxed after your break.

6. Make notes
Don't just copy word from word from a book. Just read over the chapter or section of the book then just make a little summary in your own words about what you've just read. It'll be so much easier when you are reading over your notes if you just have a brief summary of something you need to know for your exam. Also if it's in your own words then you are more likely to remember it.

Anyway, that's all my study tips I have for you guys. Good luck if you are taking exams. They'll be over before you know it.

I'll be back on Thursday with another post. 

See you then guys.

Megan x

Sunday, 22 May 2016

University Room Tour

This has been a long awaited post since I started university. It has literally been sitting in my drafts reminding me to do it and now I'm doing it on my last week of university. I've been putting this off because I've been changing and trying to get my room organised because it's just been a mess and there was parts of the room that was just unorganised. Luckily the other day I had a big clean up of my room and then I thought while it is clean now would be a good time to take pictures for the long awaited room tour. I'll basically just show you guys pictures of the room and different parts of the room just so you can get a rough idea what a typical room looks like in halls.

Anyway, enough rambling lets get on with the tour.

This is what you see the moment you walk through the door. There is quite a bit of room and space. The things that came with the room are the bed, wardrobe, drawers, desk, chair, shelves, sink, pin board and two windows. 

This is the door of the room. I put two hooks over the door which are from B&M. They come in really handy as there was no hooks or anywhere to hang bags or coats. That's why I bought some over the door hooks so I can hang up my bags and coats.

This is my pin board which I decorated it with photos and tickets from the cinema and calenders which help keep me organised. I also have 30 train tickets which I pinned up from all the train journeys I have taken since I've been at university.

I also put up a damage free command hook to put my most every day bags so they're easily accessible for when I leave the room. I also have another command hook in my room as they came in a set and they were really cheap and easy to put up.

 To the left of my door is my desk area and my shelves.

In this part of the shelves I have all my beauty products like deodrant, body spray, hair spray, shaving cream etc. in this purple basket from B&M. I also have my eye masks and this cup which I got for my birthday from my uni friends with some straws and my sunglasses in them.  There's also my DVDs and video games as well as my jewellery and perfume.

On this shelf I have my university books and my other books. I also have my two glasses and mirror which I use for my make up as well as some nail polish and lipstick.

This is the top shelf which has loads of random stuff like my cereal, Malibu, medicine, DVDs and a blow up guitar which I got during Freshers.

 This is my desk which is where I work. I have a lamp and images of my family as well as some tea which is normally there.

The desk has three drawers which has lots of work and papers inside as well as some extra make up and female products. I'm not going to show the insides of the drawers as they are very messy and so unorganized.

This is on the side of my desk. It's just where I store my iron, pepsi and other random stuff which have no place but sometimes I need to access.

This is the radiator where I keep my towels. It turns on and off by itself. It has set times during the day where it comes on. Next to it I store some of my shoes and a bin which just have cables and hats inside it.

On my windowsill I keep my make up, straightner, curler, hair dryer and just some random stuff.

This is where I keep my TV and ps3. In my drawers I keep some clothes, PJs and underwear.

This is my bed. It's really comfy. The bed sheets are from Wilkos and I can't remember where the cushions are from but yeah this is where I sleep.

Now some rooms came with a bedside table but mine didn't so I had to make do with putting two boxes on top of one another. It's worked fine and I put a blanket over it to make it look cute but yeah it's been great all year.

Here is where I keep my most worn shoes and my bin obviously. Nothing to exciting here.

This is my sink which has been really handy and I just keep my tooth cleaning supplies and soap. I also have my wash bag for when I go for a shower. Underneath is just my laundry basket. Next to that I keep kitchen towels and my laundry tablets.

This where the other command hook is. I just keep a jacket and my dressing gown on here which is really handy. Especially if I need to quickly access during a 1am fire alarm which happened a couple of months ago. Not fun but still it was handy quickly accessing my dressing gown.

Now this is my wardrobe. It's big and stores most of my clothes. There's also shelves and a shoe rack on the bottom which is really handy to have for extra storage.

Finally here is where I store my yoga mat and a box which I just keep some snacks and other stuff like recipe books and cling film just to keep it out of the way. I keep things which I wouldn't want to get stolen from the communal kitchen. There has been a food thief in halls this year so I keep food which I want to be stolen like chocolate and crisps and all that here.

So that's my university room for this year. I hope you enjoyed this post. I won't be living in halls next year as I'm moving into a house with my friends. This just gives you a rough idea of what a university room is like. I'll be moving out of here in a week so that's crazy. Time has flown by so fast.

Anyway, I'll be back on Tuesday with another post.
I'll see you then guys.

Megan x

Friday, 20 May 2016

University Night Routine

My night routine starts as soon as I walk through my door in the evening. On this night I had no plans, I had just finished hanging out with my friends and now it is chill out time.

The first thing I do is make dinner. Today I had chicken and mushroom pasta 'n' sauce. It was very tasty. With my dinner I made myself a cup of tea.

I also watch YouTube videos like the SacconeJolys while eating my dinner.

When I finish my dinner, I decide to have a Jubbly cherry ice pop which is really tasty and perfect for the hot weather we've been having recently.

After that, I will get changed into my pyjamas so I'm comfy and also ready for bed. 

I then start my skin care routine. First I get my Nivea Caring Micellar water as it cleanses the eye and face.

I then take a skincare wipe to cleanse my face again just so that it is cleansed.

Finally I wash my face with warm water and soap ready to put on these eyes masks. I use these Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Mask. I bought them from Amazon and so far they have been really good. You put them on under the eye area and leave them for 15 minutes. After that you take them off with warm water and under my eyes it feels refreshed. They help with minimising bags under the eyes and reducing dark circles. They work best before going to sleep or resting.

The last part of my skincare routine is putting on my Nivea Creme which I like using as it moisturises my face during the night and my face feels soft in the morning.

When I'm done with my skincare routine I just like to make my room look cosy my turning off the main lights and just putting on my lamps and fairy lights.

This is when I get into bed with my laptop and watch something. Recently I've been watching the documentary on channel 4 called Educating Cardiff.

After watching an episode or two, I will then get the current book I'm reading which is The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella and read a chapter or two.

Finally, I'll turn all the lights off and go to sleep.

That's everything I do for my night routine for university. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be back with another post on the weekend. It'll the long awaited university room tour so stay tuned for that.

See you then guys.

Megan x

Thursday, 19 May 2016

University Morning Routine

Today, I thought I'd show you guys what I do in the morning on the day of a lecture.

The first thing that happens is my alarm goes off at 9am in the morning. I stop my alarm and check to see if I have any messages from anyone and reply to them.

After that I get up and open my curtains. I normally check to see what the weather is like by looking out of the window. Today is was cloudy.

I will then take my favourite mug and go to the communal kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. I normally just have tea or coffee in the mornings. I'm not really a breakfast eater in the mornings.

I take my tea back into my room and lay in my bed with my laptop. I watch YouTube videos for a bit while I drink my tea. Today I was watching Maricraft on the Smosh Games channel.

After chilling for a bit, I finally decide to get up and make my bed. I always like to make my bed as it feels like the rest of my room is tidy if my bed is tidy.

After making my bed I will go to my sink and brush my teeth.

Once I've brushed my teeth, I will then wash my face with Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

After washing my face I will then go on to add Nivea's soft moisturising cream. I normally leave it on for ten minutes before I do anything else.

While waiting for the moisturiser I will play Piano Tiles 2 on my phone. My friends have this game and I just got addicted to it.

After playing piano tiles and the moisturiser being done, I will then apply make up. These are all the products I'm using.

Afterwards, I will get dressed and sort my hair out.

Finally I'll sort my bag out and check I have everything.

Finally I'll leave my room and lock the door.

Anyway, that was a typical morning routine for me on the morning of a lecture. I'll be back tomorrow with another post as I didn't post on Tuesday. Tomorrow it'll be my university night routine.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Megan x