Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cutting the negative out of your life

I don't know about you but I want my life to be a positive one. However, like I said in a previous post about how sometimes it's hard to be positive. Well, that is true as it's hard to be positive when you have negative thoughts. However, sometimes it's not just negative thoughts and it can be surrounded by negative people.

Sadly, there are a lot of these people around. People that bring you down or make you feel unwanted. That's not good for you because with people like that then you're bound to feel more insecure and get more negative thoughts in your mind.

Everyone deserves to be happy and live positively but you can't do that if you're surrounded by negative people and thoughts. The obvious answer for this is change. You need to do something about this. Now, I'm not saying change for the people because that is not worth it and you're not being true to yourself then. You're basically letting them get to you and letting them win. No what I mean by change is by cutting the negative stuff out of your life.

Now I know what you're thinking. That is easier said than done. You might be afraid because this negative person might have been friends with you for years so it will be hard. However, ask yourself are they really your friend? If they're bringing you down and make you feel unwanted then they are not a good friend.

The tricky part of all this is the cutting itself. Like in the photo below it's like cutting a rope. It takes time but you'll get there in the end. Now, first off if you haven't told your parents/parent or someone how you've been feeling about this negative person then tell them. They'll understand. Believe it or not they might actually have an opinion on them. They may have noticed the way in which the person has been treating you and you might not have noticed yourself. So talk about it to them. Parents want your life to be a positive one too.

Once you've talked about it with someone then cutting them out of your life may be a little easier. My advice would be don't just confront them about it because the situation may be a lot worse for you and you really don't want that. Take it nice and slow. One step at a time. First, don't communicate with them as much. This means no texting them first. You may realise that it was always you that was putting in the effort of communicating with them. Don't completely blank them because they'll confront you. Just slowly drift apart from them because I know this might be hard for you because they were your best friend once. People change though and clearly they have changed if they're bringing you down. A real friend wouldn't bring you down or make you feel like you didn't belong. 

Now if you've drifted apart and don't talk so much any more then you can forget about them now. You've done it. You've cut them out of your life. Now you can move on with your own life and focus on making yourself happy. You don't need a person to make yourself happy.
You can make yourself happy on your own but you can also make yourself happy around positive friends that don't bring you down and actually make you feel like you belong. Those types of friends you can have a great tine with.
I will make a post soon about how to make yourself happy as some of you may need advice on it.

I hope this advice was helpful to any of you that might have a negative friend or person in their life that you want to cut out of your life.

Just remember friends come and go but family is for life so don't hide anything from them. Tell them if you have a problem. Tell them that your friend is treating you badly and making you miserable. They will understand and they care about you. They don't want you to be miserable. They will also find out sooner or later and it'll be worse if it's not from you so just tell them.

That's it from me. I'll be back on Thursday with another post. See you then guys.

Megan x