Monday, 28 March 2016

Country Walks

I feel so lucky that I live on a farm because I am able to go out for a walk through the beautiful country side and just breathe in the fresh air. It's so calm and relaxing. It feels so nice because you barely see any cars on the country lanes apart from maybe the odd tractor passing by but that's about it.

It was also a nice day so I thought I'd go for a walk by myself. Here are all the pictures I took so that you can see for yourself how beautiful the country side is.

And of course one of the best parts is being able to just step outside onto the farm and it feels relaxing.

Another great part is being able to see all the animals too like horses, sheep and dogs.

Anyway, that's all for this post today. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and that it inspired you to go out and take a nice walk somewhere out in the country. It is a beautiful and relaxing place.

I'll be back tomorrow with another post.
See you then.

Megan x