Saturday, 13 February 2016


I'm currently travelling on the train back to my home.

It feels nice to get away from uni. Sometimes the stress of assignments and life gets too much and you just want to escape. It's nice to be able to go back to the comforts of home and actually home cooked meals rather than microwavable ones and pot noodles.

I like travelling by train. It feels relaxing apart from the stress of switching trains but I'm currently on a train that I know I don't have to get off for at least another 45 minutes so it's nice.

I kind of just got inspired to make a post because I know my phone has internet sharing on it so it works as a nice internet hub though it depends where I am and if I have any signal but still. It's better than nothing.

It actually feels nice to be able to type away on the train because I actually feel like one of those business people you find on the train and people may think I'm a business when really I'm not. Though if anyone looked at me then it's pretty obvious I'm a student on the train home with my jumper, leggings, backpack, handbag and suitcase. Yep definetly a student on her laptop.

I also caught an early morning train today because I kind of just wanted to set off early that way I get home at lunchtime and I can just relax for the rest of the day. It's also less busy in the mornings. Sure you do get a few people but it's not busy. There's actually about ten people in the carriage I'm in so there's plenty of seats available which is nice because I'm not a big fan of a random stranger sitting next to me. It kind of makes me anxious.

Anyway as I'm going home and the internet at home is not the best, I figured I'd also make this post to say that I may not be posting for a week. I also want to go on a little internet detox for this week as I just want to relax and enjoy life for a bit. I do enjoy blogging but social media has made me stressed a little so I just want a break from it for a week. So yeah. You may hear from me during the week but if not I'll be back the week after with another post.

See you soon guys.

Megan x