Saturday, 6 February 2016

January Favourites

I thought I would show you all my favourites from January as I've developed quite a few and I wanted to share with you.

Book wise I've been loving Demi Lovato's book Staying Strong. Every page is a dedicated to a day of the year and every morning I've picked up the book and read a page. At the end of the page there's a goal and I like it. It makes me feel positive about the day and it's always best to start the day as a positive one as the rest of the day will be positive.

The next is Michael McIntyre's autobiography Life & Laughing. I always find reading autobiographies interesting because you know it came from the celebrities point of view rather than an author doing research to write a biography. It's also good to look at the way your favourite celebrity was brought up and realise they weren't born famous they were just like everyone else.

TV wise I don't watch TV is mostly just catchup TV or Netflix, but this month loads of people in my halls were talking about Celebrity Big Brother so I decided to watch the first episode and see if I'd get into it. Then I ended up watching the whole series which finished yesterday. It was so good. There was so much drama and funny bits. I just loved it and spent most of my nights staying up late to watch it on catchup. It was great.

Game wise I have been loving Minecraft on PS3. I had bought it a while back and played it a couple of times but didn't really get into it. Now though I'm so into it that I can't stop playing it. I've played it nearly everyday now. I do stop because I get bored but then I get right back on it afterwards. I love it. It's great. 

Finally, probably the best thing I've bought so far in 2016 is my iPhone 5. I have never had an iPhone but I've always wanted one. So I was really happy when I bought this and it came in the post. I actually really love it, it's one of the best phones to have.

Megan x