Thursday, 11 February 2016

Feeling alone?

Feeling alone can really suck and make you bring yourself down.

It can also make you feel really insecure and anxious about what people might be thinking of you.

Lately, I've been doing this a lot. Even before a lecture I have this knot in the pit of my stomach and suddenly I'm just scared. I keep thinking of scenarios that might happen. Especially when I think I haven't done any research or started an assignment and just think the lecturer will yell at me in front of everyone. Yeah. That really sucks. However, thankfully I'm wrong and most of the time it turns out better than expected. Then I just laugh (mentally not out loud) about how I wrong I was and then I just feel loads better.

Anyway, back to the topic of being alone. It sucks. Everyone knows that and everyone feels it. It's okay to be alone. You can still be happy while being alone. Trust me I know. Most of the time I like being alone because I can do things I want to do without worrying about being judged or feeling as if you're annoying anyone.

However, some days I can get bored when I'm alone. Those times is when I feel alone and bring myself down. It really does suck because it's those times when I bring myself down. I do the worse thing possible and I go on social media and see posts of other people doing stuff. Then I just feel left out and even more alone. 

I suppose my advice would be if you're feeling alone take an internet detox. Don't completely cut off the world though. Just in case you do get messages from people but just don't check it. Don't scroll through any posts or anything. 

Then do what makes you happy. Read a book, it's kind of a way of escaping reality and I love it because I feel like I'm part of that story and I feel happier. 

Listen to music. I don't know what it is about music but it helps so much sometimes. There's literally a song for every situation or emotion you're feeling. Listen to the songs you love that make you feel better or even confident. You can even do what I do and go all nostalgic and listen to the old pop songs you listened to as kid. These songs make me feel happy like Reach for the Stars or Thunderbirds. Just classic pop music. That's what I love and makes me feel happy.

Have a movie marathon. If you're feeling alone or left out. Have a movie marathon with your favourite films. 

Just distract yourself from feeling alone and from the internet. 

Even watch your favourite YouTube videos that make you laugh or make you feel happy.

So yeah. That's all I have to say. I hope my advice was helpful.
But if you're reading this and are feeling down or alone. Feel free to send me message.
My email for this blog is the contacts page and there's also a little space on the right where you can write a message and it'll go straight my emails and I'll reply to you. 

Anyway, I'll be back soon with another post.
See you later.

Megan x