Thursday, 28 January 2016

What university is really like?

As most of you who read my blog will know. I go to university and I live quite far away from home. Let's just say it's about 3 hours by car, but over 4 hours by train. Anyway, I thought I'd make a post about what uni is really like as I've been here for nearly four months now.

1. It's not a party every night
Believe it or not nobody is partying every night or drinking. During freshers yes and there may be some weeks where some people are in a party mood especially if it's a Tuesday where there are 50p drinks. However, most of the time you'll find that people are staying in their rooms and probably watching Netflix or just relaxing in their PJs. Some days you may not see anyone. Some days you might be very sociable and go out. Just be prepared for anything. Don't be disappointed either if nobody wants to hang out.

2. You're going to procrastinate whether you like it or not
Believe it or not you will procrastinate on some of your assignments. Especially essays. When a deadline is about a month or two away. You think to yourself "I've got plenty of time to do it" or "I'll do it tomorrow". However, you say that to yourself every time and before you know it you're at the week before it's due and you haven't even started it. You're not the only one. I did an assignment the night before it was due and there were a few others who were doing the same thing in the library. By the way, essays take even longer than you think.

3. Living at home or living away from home.
This is probably the biggest debate people have with themselves when deciding what they're doing for university. Everyone has their reasons as to why living at home is a good thing. I get it. You'll have someone cooking you dinner. You don't have to worry about washing, paying rent or even a messy communal kitchen and bathroom. In my opinion though, I think living away from home is better. I know it's scary at first but you'll get used to it. Trust me. You'll learn how to cook for yourself. You'll learn how to do laundry. You'll suddenly realise that your room is messy and clean it. You'll wash up your own dishes. You'll do stuff that you probably never used to do before. You're learning life skills and how to be an actual adult. In halls, you're surrounded by people in the same boat as you and also older people who know what it's like to live away from home who'll help you and make you feel welcome.

4. It's not always the cleanest place
The problem with living in halls with other people is the communal areas may not be the cleanest. You will have some people that don't wash their things up for a week and leave their dirty dishes around the sink. Also showers may be another problem where it's not the cleanest, especially for girls where it comes to shaving. You may find hairs around the plughole and be a little grossed out. Trust me. I know the feeling. All I can say just try to remember that you're living with other people who have to use the same kitchen you do so just have a little respect for others. However, if the mess in your communal areas is really bad you can always complain.

Anyway, that's about it so far. I'm sure there's loads more but I can't think of any right now.

I'll be back again with another post soon.

See you then guys.

Megan x