Friday, 13 November 2015

What's in my uni bag?

Hey guys!

I thought I might show you what is in my university bag. I just had a lecture today and this is what I carry around with me. It's not much, but  I wanted to show you guys to give you an idea of what is typically in a uni bag.

Here we go. 

So this is my bag. I had this backpack when I was in school and I do believe I have a blog post of what I had in it while I was at school. I'll leave a link to that post below so you could check it out. Anyway, I like this backpack. It's by the brand Roxy. I'm not sure they sell it any more as I got this a few years ago. Although I'm sure you can get similar looking bags. It has a front pocket which fits a lot in it and also a main pocket. I'm going to show you what I keep in my front pocket first and then the main pocket.

In the front pocket I keep:

My phone

My purse

A mini hairbrush and mirror

Soothers throat sweets

My headphones


Pepsi Cherry Lip Balm

Now for what is in the main pocket of this bag:

An expandable file where I keep my lecture notes

A4 Paper

A course textbook

My planner

A bottle of water

My pencil case

Anyway, that's it from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be back tomorrow with another.
Bye guys!
I love you all.

Megan x