Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Trip to Chester

Hey guys!

So today I took a little trip to Chester.

I took the train there which was nice. I like travelling by the train because it's kind of relaxing and it kind of takes your mind off things and you don't have to worry about doing anything. Except of course when you have to switch trains or walk from one station to the other. I had to do that today.

It was alright but very tiring. I've been doing a lot of walking around Chester and walking to the stations. Then I had to do a 15 minute walk to my uni home afterwards.

The reason why I went to Chester is I had to do some research for one of my assignments and take pictures of an attraction in Chester.

It was kind of fun.

Anyway, after that I went for a walk round the shops. I went into Primark and bought some stuff but I'll show you that in my next post. Later on. 

I also had a burger king which I haven't had in ages. That was good too.

So yeah. That was my day.

I'll be back soon with another post.

Bye guys!

I love you all.