Friday, 27 November 2015

Pros and cons of moving away for university

Hey guys!

As it is November, I have a feeling a lot of you are looking to apply for university. I remember a year ago I was the same. I had an idea what I wanted to do which was advertising and someone told me about a course at the University Of Chester so I just kind of went by what they said and applied there. It was a combined course so I chose to do media studies because I thought it would make sense.

Anyway, I'm kind of going off topic but the point is some of you may find a course that's at a university away from home. I also bet some of you thinking about what it might be like moving away from your parents and having to fend for yourself. Let me just tell you. It will be scary at first but most of you are probably already independent and spend most of your time in your bedrooms rather than hanging out with your parents. I was the same. I liked it when I was home alone. I just relied on my mum to do my washing and cook me food sometimes. So it won't be so different when you move away from home for uni. It's the same except you have to do your washing, cooking and shopping plus your parents are only a phone call away.

There's a lot of pros and cons to moving away from home for university and I'm going to tell them to you.


1. Freedom
One of the best things about moving away from home is that your free from your parents nagging you all the time. You can make your own choices without worrying what your parents might think.

2. Making New Friends
You'll also be able to make new friends. Just on the first day, even if you're shy, just try to attempt to introduce yourself around your hall or flat. You'd be surprised. You might end up meeting your entire hall on the first day. That's what happened to me.

3. Buy whatever you want for groceries
Seriously. You can literally get all the things your parents never got you in the food shop. Just try to budget yourself though and don't go overspending.

4. Learning life skills and becoming an adult
Now one of the reasons why I wanted to move away from home for uni is because I could actually learn how to be an adult. You can do your own cooking, cleaning and laundry. Before I left I had never done the laundry. I barely ever cooked anything and I hardly ever did any cleaning. Look at me now. I do the laundry every week. I've started to cook meals for myself instead of using the microwave and I like to clean my room and wash the dishes because I hate mess. It's one of those things you realise when you move away from home that you have to do it. You're basically teaching yourself to become an adult, ready for when you're in the real world. 


1. Homesickness
Now, moving away from home for the first time. You're bound to me homesick within the first few weeks and it may be hard for you to visit your parents on weekends because they live three hours away. Even if during Freshers you feel happy and you're having a good time. Trust me when the work starts that's when you may get homesick. I didn't think I would but I did. Just remember though your parents are a phone call away so if you need them. Just phone them

2. Lonelyness
There may be times when you'll be alone in your room because everyone else is either busy doing assessments or making plans with other people. It will happen but don't worry. Just keep yourself busy. Try to do an assignment or watch a movie or read a book. Just do something to take your mind off it. It'll be alright. There's going to be times when you're having fun with your friends or just hanging out with other people.

3. Messy hall mates
Unfortunately you may have to deal with messy hall mates who leave the shared kitchen or bathroom a mess. It can be hard and there have been times where I've actually been sick just because of the mess. It can be gross and sadly I haven't dealt with it but that's because eventually the mess will be cleaned up. However, if it does happen try leaving a note maybe or just go to another kitchen to wash your stuff up. But yeah it will happen, just try not to be the messy hall mate yourself and respect the fact that you live with other people and you share the same kitchen and bathroom.

4. Cooking/doing laundry for yourself
Believe it or not you're going to have to cook for yourself and do some laundry. You can try going through a term without doing laundry but trust me it won't work. It's pretty simple and if you need help just ask someone. There's also usually signs in the launderette about how to do it anyway. With cooking, I know you'll probably using the microwave a lot but try to use the oven. You can make some great meals like pasta and sauce or stir fry. Even cooking food in the oven is simple. You just stick it then wait for a certain amount of time then it'll be done. Simple.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about the pros and cons of moving away for university. There's probably some others but these are kind of the main ones.

I'll be back soon with another post.

Bye guys.
I love you all.

Megan x