Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hiding From Assignments

Hey guys!

So, I just wanted to talk about hiding from life.

What I mean by this is basically getting away from things that stress you out like due dates for assignments, over thinking stuff that's going on.

I know some things are important like assignments but it's not good to be stressed over them.

Just give yourself little breaks and get away from it. 

Don't hide in your bedroom or in your bed. 

Go outside and go for a walk. 

Do some laundry. 

Put something else on your mind for a little bit to escape reality.

And just take little steps to get it done.

Just do a page of an essay a day.

You'll get it done eventually.

Just don't leave it until last minute.

The biggest tip which I discovered only recently is talk to your lecturer.

That is something I did not do for a while and I basically just kept over-thinking that I was going to fail one particular assignment. I wanted to drop out and I didn't want to become a failure.

And so I ran away to my home and to my family.

I had a chat with them and they soon realised that I hadn't even spoken to my lecturer or my Personal Academic Tutor about any of this.

I'm kind of shy person and don't like talking to teachers.

However, there was nothing to be afraid of. I did talk to them in the end. They asked what the problem was and helped me solve it. Now I'm feeling more confident about this assignment. 

So this is my advice from you, remember to take breaks if you're getting stressed out from assignments but also talk to your lecturers. They are there to help you get your degree.

I hope this advice was helpful and you enjoyed my rambling.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with another post.

Bye guys.
I love you all.