Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Forgetting to blog + Two Posts today

Hey guys!

Okay, so yesterday you may have noticed I kind of forgot to put up a post after I said on Sunday that I would post everyday in November. 

I just kind of forgot and before I knew it was getting close to midnight and I was too tired to even write a post. I also have really slow internet here and it takes forever for a page to load. 

Anyway I've just been reading a lot rather than going on my laptop but when I am on my laptop I always end up playing Spider Solitaire. I'm a pro at one suit but I'm struggling with two suits. 

While I've been at home I moved house. My mum moved house to live with her boyfriend on the farm. It's been nice here. My room is so warm because I have the airing cupboard in here and I've unpacked most of my stuff into the room so it's been good. 

That's about it really, but I'm planning on making another post later on this evening to make it up for missing a post yesterday. 

So I'll be back later. Bye guys. I love you all.