Sunday, 8 November 2015

Asda Haul!

Hey guys!

So today I went to Asda for a little shop and I decided to show you guys what I got.
If you're wondering why there isn't much food is because my mother took me shopping for groceries on Friday and I just needed a few bits and bobs. 

The first thing I bought was some Olaf socks. I bought them because I was in need of some socks and I thought as it's nearly Christmas I'll get them. 

The next thing I bought was some command hooks. I wanted these as my uni room has no hooks on them so I can'r hang up any of my bags or my dressing gown. Besides they're damaged free so they won't mark the walls. 

The third thing I bought was two a5 pukka pads. I bought these as they have three dividers in both and because I have do a combined course of Advertising and Media Studies with three modules in each of them I thought they would be useful. Plus they're a5 so they'll be easy to carry around to my lectures.

The fourth thing was these sticky note arrows. I bought two of these as they were only 50p and they would be useful for marking pages in books I need to read and to mark down where certain lecture notes are. 

The fifth thing I bought was an 8 pack of tissues. I bought this mostly because I have a cold and it's handy carrying around packs of tissues.

This next thing is kind of random but I had to get it for an assessment in one of my Advertising modules. It's a Dove beauty cream bar and it's useful to me for my assessment. Plus when I'm done with the assessment I can just use it as soap. 

The seventh thing I bought was toothpaste as I had left my toothpaste at home so I've just been using a travel size toothpaste until now. 

The final thing I bought was a travel size TRESemme heat protection spray. I bought this as I had ran out of heat protection spray. I decided to get a travel size one as I don't use this a lot and it was cheaper.

Well that's it. That was my Asda haul. I hope you liked it.
I may do some more hauls. Possibly a typical grocery shop haul.
Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with another post.
I'll try and remember to post tomorrow. If I don't. Expect two posts on Tuesday. 

Bye guys. I love you all.

Megan x

*This post is not sponsored in any way. It's just me showing what I bought from the shop.*