Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Autumn ♥

Hey guys!

So summer is officially over and now it's time for Autumn or Fall as some people call it.

I really like this time of year, mostly cause it's my birthday October 4th, but there's other things to like:

Cosy socks
Hats, gloves & scarves
Autumn leaves
Wearing onesies
Listening to the rain outside
Bonfire night
Knowing Christmas is in 3 months time
Darker evenings

It's also the start of another school year for some people.

For me it's a new chapter in my life as I have finished school and I'll be going to university on September 27th.

As it's the start of a new season and a new month, maybe it's the time for a positive change. 

Start getting up early so that your days feel longer. 

Maybe start getting fit and having a healthy lifestyle. 

It's up to you.

Megan x