Friday, 31 July 2015

University Haul + Tips

Hey guys!

So as I've said in some of my posts before. I'm hopefully going to university in September (it all depends on my results on August 13) but I've been buying stuff recently for university just in case because I don't want to wait for after results and rushing around buying stuff at the last minute of things I'll need. I also thought I'd make this post for ideas for some of you that may be going to university.

I also recommend watching YouTube videos of University hauls and room tours so you get an idea of how big the rooms might be and what you'll need to bring. Some people to have some helpful tips.

I do have one big tip for any of you going to Uni and that is not to over pack. Trust me. Your room will probably be small and there may not be any space for you to keep things. So in September when you're packing the contents of your room, ask yourself if you're holding loads of DVDs. 'Do I really need this?' 'Will I have time?' 'Is it really necessary?' 'Have I watched any of these DVDs recently?' DO NOT SAY 'What if?' Because the chances are that what if won't come true so just bring a few DVDs that you enjoy and you know you'll probably watch. Think about that when you're packing your stuff and ask your self do you really need it.

Anyway, I better show what I bought. All these things I bought are from Wilkos but most of this stuff you can get anywhere like B&M bargains. It's not all the things but I'll probably make another post at some point when I have even more stuff and I know for definite I'm going to uni.

With these items I bought I got some good deals with these. 

1. Chopping Board - I think it was around £2 but you can get chopping boards for cheap anywhere.

2. Mixing Bowl - I was walking around the shop when I saw this mixing bowl and guess what. It was 50p. I thought that was a bargain and I had to get it because I knew I could use it for noodles or those pasta and sauce things that you can microwave.

3. Wooden Spatula - This was right next to the mixing bowls and I knew I had to have it as well as it was a bargain. It was 25p. I thought it would be handy and it was cheap.

4. Bin - I found this in the children's bedroom section and I was in need of a bin with a lid for uni. Most small bins I looked at were metal and were something like £8 but then I came across this purple bin and it was £3. It was the only purple bin left but it had no purple lid, but it was next to pink bins with lids and so I just took the pink lid and I thought they looked nice together. I have a sort of purple theme to my room so I had to get it. 

5. Alarm clock - I know what you're thinking. Why not use your phone for an alarm but honestly you can't always rely on a phone. Especially if you need to get up early for a lecture. Your phone could die or not work in the middle of the night so it's better to be safe than sorry. Also it's handy checking the time using a clock rather than pulling your phone out all the time. It was only £2 and you don't need an expensive alarm clock.

6.  Dustpan and brush - Honestly you may not realise it but you may need one of these. You may get crumbs on your bedroom floor and it's easier using this than using your hands to pick the crumbs out. It was £2 but there was some white boring ones for £1 too but it's up to you really. I thought it would be nice to have a colourful dustpan and brush so it doesn't look ugly.

Now I have two duvets, I was originally going to have one and just take one from home but my nan insisted as she was buying them for me. The one on the left I think was £14 (it might have been £12 but I'm not sure) and the one on the right was £12. I also got sheets to put under the quilt as my nan gave me a tip that if you sleep under sheets then all you need to do is wash the sheets rather than the duvet as well. Plus in the winter months having sheets under your duvet will keep you warmer as I've heard uni rooms can get freezing. 

Anyway, that's about it that I bought from Wilkos. I hope this haul and some of my tips were helpful to you. I'll be back soon with another post. Bye guys. I love you all.

PS - This was not sponsored, it was all the purchases which were made on a day out with my nan and mum. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

15 Facts About Me

Here are some facts about me that you probably didn't know.

1. My middle name is Ivy after my great grandmother.

2. When I was younger I used to pretend my teddies and dollies were my children.

3. I talk to myself a lot. I don't mean mumbling stuff, I mean full blown conversations that I wouldn't have with anyone else.

4. I've only gotten drunk once and that was on my Year 13 leavers nighr. I've been tipsy though. (I'm 18 by the way and it's legal to drink at 18 here in the UK) 

5. I can be quite shy around new people at first but when I'm comfortable around someone I will talk to them for ages.

6. During secondary school for some reason I was really quiet during lessons but the only lesson I was loud, confident and wasn't afraid to embarrassed myself in was Physical Education. To this day I have no idea why. I'm not a very active person.

7. I've never been to Scotland or Ireland. 

8. The most north I've been in the UK is Bolton.

9. When I'm alone in the house or my bedroom or shower I will sing my heart out, but in front of anyone else I would never sing.

10. I detest Chilli Con Carne but I like Bolognaise and Sweet Chilli. I just don't like the taste of Chilli Con Carne. I also don't like red kidney beans.

11. When I was younger I used to eat tomato ketchup sandwiches. Don't know why.

12. I'm slightly deaf. I have had hearing problems all my life but I've never needed a hearing aid. I struggle to hear someone calling for me from downstairs they have to shout really loudly for me to hear them.

13. I'm the clumsiest person you will probably meet. I have tendency to accidentally drop things and trip on absolutely nothing.

14. I can't hold a pen/pencil normally. 
(normal way to hold a pen/pencil)
(my way to hold a pen/pencil and yes it can be painful/uncomfortable when I'm writing essays)

15. I have an obsession with buying things related to New York. (tops, notebooks, pictures etc.)

There you go. There's fifteen facts about me.

I'll make another post with more facts about me some other time.

That's it for now. I'll be back soon with another post.

Bye guys. I love you all.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Lazy Summer Morning Routine

Hey guys!

So I'm going to basically give you a run down of what I do in the morning during the Summer. I am literally typing this in the morning while in bed. I'm basically just going to live my typical Summer's Morning Routine (It will be a lazy edition as I am pretty lazy in the mornings especially during Summer.) Anyway enough rambling and let's do this.

The first thing I do is wake up (obviously). Lately I've been getting up early for no reason what so ever, it's just my body is still thinking I need to get up for school but today I woke up at 8:30. I then check my phone and see if I have any messages or notifications and reply to them. After I get up and go to the toilet and then I get my laptop from desk and get back into bed. I know. I'm so productive. Haha.
I basically stay in bed for a few hours and check social media then watch YouTube videos (My favourite YouTubers are MissMeghanMakeup, SacconeJolys, Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil.) I will usually get up during the watching of videos to brush my teeth then make myself a mug of tea then breakfast (Today it was Porridge). After I've watched all the videos I've wanted to watch I play Sleepy Wings on Facebook and basically play it until I've lost all my lives. Now, a few hours will pass by this time and it'll be about 11:30 where I finally leave my bed to get ready. First off, I will have a shower so I smell nice and dry off. Then I will dry myself and put on some clothes (usually comfy clothes if I'm not going anywhere). That's about it. I don't do much during the Summer. I'll probably just continue watching YouTube videos or catch up on TV from my desk this time. I'll also try and come up with blog post ideas like this which I'm typing up now after I've gotten dressed.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for my lazy Summer morning routine. Let me know if you have any blog post ideas for me in the comments below. I'm planning on making some uni related posts as I'm hopefully going to Uni in September and I've done some research on things like what to take and stuff like that so stay tuned on this blog as I'll be back soon with another post. Bye guys! I love you all.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Night Out Essentials!

Hey guys!

So today I thought I would show you what I think you should have in your bag/purse when you're going on a night out. Hopefully this will help some of you out. Anyway, let's do this.

So this is the overall view of all the things I would take on a night out.

When I go out I'd like to take a small crossbody bag so I don't have to keep holding the bag and I also like it to have a zip so that I don't have to worry about anything falling out. 
This is the bag I would take. I don't know where this bag is from as my mum gave it to me and she doesn't remember when she got it from. It has two zip pockets on the front and a zipped pocket on the inside. It easily holds everything I need for a night out.

This is my purse which I take. I don't like to take a big purse with all my cards just in case I lose it. I just have my money and ID in here. I never take my debit card out because I don't want it to be lost. 

I take this small brush + mirror thing so I can check my face and also brush my hair as it might get knotty or I just think it needs to be brushed.

I like to take gum (I lost the pocket) because you never know. I might want to freshen up my mouth so I'll just pop one in and chew it.

I like to take my travolo with my favorite perfume in it just so I can smell nice and it's only small. I bought this off Amazon if you're interested in getting one. It's also handy to take on holiday as it saves carrying around the perfume bottle with can easily break.

I also like to take the lipstick I'm wearing in case I want to reapply it. This is from the brand MUA and I don't know the exact shade but it's sort of a neutral pinky colour. 

I also take a lip balm just in case I have dry lips and just want to mosturize them. I love the taste of this cherry pepsi lip balm. I bought it from B&M Bargains and it's been my favorite lip balm ever since I bought it.

Hand sanitizer is an essential for me on a night out because you honestly never know what you might be touching or if your hands get sticky and yucky. Club bathrooms can be really disgusting. This way you can keep your hands clean and they can also smell nice. I love using the carex aloe vera hand sanitizer. I also like the strawberry laces flavour.

Anyway, that's all my essentials I take. I would also recommend take some tissues with you as some toilets run out of them fast and you don't want to be without toilet paper.

Thank you for reading this post. I hoped it helped if you're planning on going on a night out and I'll be back soon with another. Bye guys. I love you all.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I'm back!!!

Hey guys!

So it's been a while (again I know) but in the past week I haven't had access to a laptop so I couldn't type a blog post as I was staying at my dads house and I didn't want to be lugging around a laptop while I was catching a bus and a train so sorry about that.

Anyway I'm back now and also I have a new laptop now. It's an early birthday present from my mother as my other laptop was second hand and I was having problems with it a lot of the time so my mum decided to get me a new one as I'm going to university in September. It's a really great laptop (well technically it's a notebook) but it's a chromebook and it's so handy as it's different from windows but I can use google documents offline as I will need a way of typing for uni. I'm really happy with it. It's small and really light so I can easily carry it and put it in a bag. It's just like a macbook really. Same style.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. I'll try post more regularly. I do have ideas for blog posts and I'm going to type them up soon. I'll be back in a few days with another post. Bye guys. I love you all.