Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Study Tips!

Hey guys!

So, exam season is slowly approaching and now it's the time to think about revising for your exams. Now the first thing I usually do before I start revising is look up study tips and tricks online to get inspiration and a little bit of motivation to start revising. I've learned a few tips on studying while I did this which I'll tell you now.

  1. Make a plan -This is probably the most essential thing you need to do. Plan out your revision. I have list of the days of the week and I put a subject underneath it so I know what subject I should revise each day. Stick your plan above your desk so that when you're sitting at your desk, you can just look up and know what you need to revise.
  2. Find a suitable place to study - Now, I know some of you probably like to study on your bed and I know it's comfortable but it's not a good place to study. The reason being, you sleep on your bed normally and your body knows that when you're lying or sitting on your bed then it's just gonna think you're relaxing. Then you'll feel tired and want to take a nap which of course results in no revision being done. I suggest using the desk in your room as when you're sitting at your desk, you'll know it's time to be productive. 
  3. Limit distractions - I know most of us love to be on our phones or laptops but these are the biggest distractions when you're revising. So just turn off your laptop and your phone and put it away somewhere so that you're not tempted to go on it. This also means you won't be distracted by the sound it makes when you get a notification. Another thing would be to make sure you're study area is not full of clutter because I can tell you for sure that your mind will be a little distracted wanted to tidy the clutter beside you and you won't remember anything you study as you'll only be thinking about the clutter around you. So before you start studying, make sure you're study area is tidy so your mind will be at ease. 
  4. Manage your time wisely - Most people decide to study for 3 hours straight. This is not a good idea as you'll probably forget everything you studied in the first hour. You don't have to study for a long time. I'd say about an half an hour to an hour as you'll probably get bored of studying if you study for longer than that. Make sure you take a five minute break to get a drink and just relax for a little bit, but do not go on any of your devices during your breaks or you'll just be on them for hours and hours and just forget about studying.
  5. Make notes! - I can guarantee that most of you have a revision textbook and I bet some of you just copy out what's in the book. This does not work! You won't remember tons and tons of writing and some of the stuff in the textbook, you probably won't need. So just make small notes of the information that you know you'll need. If you don't know the information you need then look at past exam questions on the chapter you're on. You textbook should have questions at the end of the chapter. Once you've made a note of something put it on a flash card so you can test yourself. Also, write what you wrote on the flash card on a post it note and stick it up somewhere in a room like on your mirror so when you're doing your make up or hair you can look up at the post it note and study it. The more times you read over something the more times you remember.
Anyway, that's all my study tips for you all. If you have anymore leave them in the comments below. If you are taking any exams soon, I wish you good luck. I'll be back soon with another post. Bye guys. I love you all.