Monday, 9 March 2015

How to get motivated for studying

Hey guys!

So exam season is slowly getting closer and closer. I know it's March but time is flying by really quickly and soon exams will be here. Anyway, motivation to study can be very hard. Especially with big distractions such as social media, YouTube, the internet etc. So I did some research and here are some tips on how to get motivated for studying.

  • Go outside! - You can literally study anywhere. You don't have to stay cooped up studying in your bedroom and it's more likely you'll get distracted by many things when you're in the house. So try studying in your favorite cafe or coffee shop so you'll feel relaxed with some coffee to keep you awake. However, if you prefer somewhere quiet you can study in your garden or in your local library because there you won't have any distractions and you'll be more focused on your revision.
  • Listen to music - I know studying for exams can be boring but you can make it more funner by listening to music. I'm not talking about loud, heavy music with catchy lyrics. I'm talking more softer music when I revise I like to listen to movie themes and instrumentals because that way I'm not distracted by any lyrics and I feel more relaxed. Next time you're studying try listening to the Jurassic Park theme (the longer version) on YouTube because then you'll feel much happier and it's a great theme song. 
  • Tidy your room/desk - Trust me, it will make you feel more motivated to do something productive. Even though it may take a while, do it because then you won't be surrounded by clutter when you're studying and it'll make you feel productive when you're finished. 
  • Plan your studying - I'm someone that likes makes to do lists and keep a plan of what I want to do so plan ahead. Make a to do list but don't make a huge list because that'll make you feel under pressure to do all those things in one day and you'll get stressed. Just write three or four things you'll like to accomplish during the day and you'll feel so much happier once you've done them all. It may make you want to do more studying. Also keeping a diary/planner is good because you can plan your week and month ahead of time and you can also see how much time you have left until your exams.
Well, I hope these tips help you keep motivated and if you are taking any exams in the summer, good luck. Anyway, I'll be back with another post soon. Bye guys, I love you all.