Thursday, 22 January 2015

6 beauty products I couldn't live without tag

Hey guys!

Okay, I decided to do this tag because I like wearing make up and I thought you guys should know what 6 products I cannot live without. Here we go.

1. Rimmel London Stay Matte powder - I use this on a daily basis. I love it so much because to me it feels like a layer of protection on my face and makes the spots and dark circles under my eyes look less noticeable.

2. Collection cover up stick (concealer) - Along the lines of covering up spots and dark circles under my eyes, I love using this on a daily basis. To me, it feels like it brightens my eyes a little when I put it on under my eyes. I also think it blends in well with the powder so again it gives me that little bit of protection.

3. W7 Naked Nudes eyeshadow palette - I love this eyeshadow palette because I like wearing neutral colors for my eyes and this palette has all the colors I need. I do have other eye shadows I like to use but this is the one I use the most.

4. Collection color lash, all day color mascara in black - This is my everyday mascara. I always end up repurchasing this because it doesn't smudge that much and it lasts all day. It's also affordable.

5. Sleek, make up pout polish, SPF15 - I love putting this lip balm on because it moisturizes my lips and it also smells amazing. It also has SPF in it which means it's good for the summer too.

6. Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream - This moisturizer works perfectly for me, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and it feels great.

Well, now you know the 6 beauty products I couldn't live without. I'll be back soon with another post.
Bye guys! I love you all.